ncdubs 918 spyder 2
17th October 2012
Energy Conservation

New Porsche Supercar Is A Hybrid

ncdubs 918 spyder 2

Porsche has finally stepped out of their comfort zone and created a new design with a hybrid platform. The 918 Spyder is going to be the most powerful road going Porsche ever made. With over 530hp coming from a V8 in the back and another 200w of power coming from electric motors over the front axle, this new car will have over 720hp!

Aside from being absolutely gorgeous, the 918 will also have some clever technology, which includes KERS (Kinetic Energy Recovery System) that uses heat from the brakes to add more power and 4 onboard computers just to control the cooling for the batteries and regeneration system.

Porsche recently announced that their goal for the car is to lap the infamous Nurburgring in 7:14 and provide the same comfort as any of their other cars. This time will compete with the fastest production cars ever made. My fingers are crossed for a sub 7:14 lap time.



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