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31st October 2018
Green Products

New Product Alert: Essentia Coco Travel Pillow

We introduce to you our newly redesigned travel pillow, the Coco Traveler pillow. And what better time to introduce this fresh redesign than right before the hectic holiday travel season. Essentia has your back, and now neck while you travel this holiday on a plane, train or even automobile!

Essentia’s Coco travel pillow brings more substance to your journey. This travel pillow features our organic Coco proprietary blend of three unique high-density latex foams offering a more cradling contour while fully supporting your neck, relaxing your muscles and eliminating tension.

Now featuring an adjustable strap that ensures the Coco Traveler pillow will fit snuggly around any neck, keeping it securely in place. No more struggling to keep your travel pillow in place, or fear of it falling off mid-nap.


We also wanted to make it easy for you tote the Coco Traveler pillow to your destination and not end up with it left at the TSA checkpoint, which is why we added a convenient clip that will securely attach your Coco Traveler pillow to your carry on or personal item. No more forgotten or lost travel pillow!


As with all Essentia products, the Coco travel pillow is made in Essentia’s GOLS and GOTS certified organic factory using only the highest quality natural and organic ingredients. Featuring a GOTS certified organic cotton cover made without pesticides, herbicides, chlorine processing or synthetic dyes and an easy zip you can remove the cover for a wash after every trip.

Don’t forget that you won’t find any wool or fiber batting that would act as a nesting ground for dust mites in this pillow, which means you won’t pick up any critters during your travels.

At $89, the Coco Traveler pillow will last you a lifetime of holiday travels.

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