new nike football boot 874872175
17th April 2012

Nike Gets Eco-friendly Soccer Gear for Euro 2012!

new nike football boot 874872175
Do you love soccer? If you answered yes and also love mother earth then keep reading cuz Nike is rolling out eco-friendly soccer gear!

If you often wear hoodies, tracksuit tops, T-shirts, sweatshirts, caps, jackets and rugby tops then you will be very pleased to know that BOFFINS at Nike have created something extra special for you soccer lovers out there!

The Sun reveals that they have made a new line of sportswear using an average of 13 recycled plastic drinks containers! Pretty healthy for our world if you ask me!

You can get a look at these eco-friendly masterpieces in June during soccer’s biggest international tournament featuring European countries. The countries that will be wearing these environmentally friendly outfits include Croatia, France, Holland, Poland and Portugal!

Get your training kit today at your local Nike store beginning April 19th, 2012 and show your love for soccer and support for keeping our world green!

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