27th April 2011
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Is Oprah Clueless?


What is health to Oprah? Does she know about environmental toxins? Is she clueless or is it too taboo to discuss?

Chemicals are in everything these days including mattresses. Mattresses similar to the ones Oprah promoted on her show are known to emit up to 61 chemicals including the carcinogens benzene and naphthalene.

Does she know what VOC’s are? Does she know there are healthier alternatives?

Yes it’s comfortable but is it truly healthy?

It’s weird how Bob Greene, Oprah and her team only took comfort into account and NOT overall health. The mattress they gave away on Oprah today is healthy in terms of comfort and a better nights sleep but memory foam is known to be hazardous to your health.

Issues with mattresses like Tempur-Pedic’s are well known. Is spending 8 hours/night on a mattress that emits VOC’s healthy?


How does Bob Greene not know this?

Guess this whole environmental toxin thing isn’t mainstream…..

The American Academy of Pediatrics is calling for less chemicals. Heck, even had a list of top 10 environmental toxins to avoid in 2009!

Maybe Mercola’s a little to underground but there’s no excuse when,,, along with every single publication in circulation wrote on the subject in the last 10 years.

We’ll now have parents buying these “Oprah approved” mattresses for their kids. So Sad.

Her people should have known natural memory foam mattresses existed 😉


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  1. Kevin

    Hello, this all sounds good to go natural, but where is the proof to your claims that Tempur-Pedic materials are toxic?

    You are referencing a bunch of sites, but you are not bridging the gap.

    Does Tempur-Pedic have formaldehyde in it? No. So what chemical are you referencing that cause cancer or other harm to us that use tempurpedic? (I have a tempurpedic and sell mattresses)

  2. Jess

    So is Tempur-Pedic toxic? Should i buy a Tempur-pedic? The more i read the more it seems like Tempurpedic is made from toxic chemicals and i don’t want to be sleeping on a mattress that’s slowly going to kill me or give me cancer or something.

  3. gloria

    Due to the flame retardants that BY LAW must be added to the materials in mattresses, all mattresses outgas voc’s. The only way to avoid this is to make the mattress yourself.

    Tempur-pedics will outgas 90-95% of their voc’s in the first 2 weeks to 30 days, so you can ask the company you purchase it from to air it for you before delivering it.

  4. Robert

    I’ve worked in the bedding industry for a long time selling beds from all brands springs foam even hybrids. Tempur-Pedic beds are NOT toxic! If the bed is made in the USA then it has to comply with very strict government regulations on the chemicals used to make the foams. Most brands even go as far as to get a third party approval label from CertiPur-US. Don’t be scared by memory foam. Even nice spring beds have memory foam over the springs as their comfort layers. Most quality pillow tops contain memory foam. Yes all mattresses will have a new factory smell to them when you get them (just like your car or any new product of any kind). Just take your shoes off and walk around on the bed for a while. The foam is like a big sponge when you walk on it you force out old air and it breaths in new air. Sometimes it takes a few days to a few weeks to fully dissipate the smell but its NOT toxic in any way!

  5. sonia

    Everyone knows you can’t trust the regulators. They are what got us into this mess in the first place.

    Everyone’s getting sick. According to them everything is safe unless your skin melts off within 2 months and they allow companies to industries to regulate themselves. We have to look out for ourselves.

    Big business wants the government to stay out of their business in making everyone sick.

    Oprah must be being paid to promote Tempur-pedic. Have you visited a mattress store lately? They stink. All these chemicals are making us sick.

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