26th June 2010
Green Products

Organic Bedding from Amenity Home


Being an organic mattress company, we’re firmly behind the concept of organic bedding; especially when it looks as awesome as the bedding from Amenity Home. They print all of their designs with eco-friendly inks on 300 thread count organic cotton. They are designed to become softer after each washing.

The company also features lovely hemp pillows that match their lovely bedding. Because we are exceedingly fair, we should mention a couple of other organic bedding producers:

Natural Beauty Canada
This outfit makes each bedding set to order.

This online organic purveyor offers a great organic bedding selection, of which their organic nantucket quilt and sham may be one of the most attractive.

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  1. Bonnie Blumerich

    Why organic? Today, being “green” is more than the color. It is a conscientious decision to do something about your surroundings. Living with sustainable products that are natural and good for us and planet earth helps create a better world for future generations.

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