22nd November 2011
Green Products

Organic Cotton Hipster Panties: Made With Real Hipsters!



No hipsters were harmed in the making of these panties.

Want your skivvies to match the rest of your earth-friendly lifestyle? Here are some down-to-earth ways to handle your thong and banana hammock purchases. is a popular online destination for organic and sustainable lingerie. They are adding a few new products to their line, including Cottonique allergen-free intimates designed specifically for men and women with chemical sensitivities. While much of their success has been with their intimates line, also sells earth-friendly clothing for men and women of all sizes.

Always the go-to spot for anything organic, undies are no exception. Intimates made from organic cotton, including hipster panties that may or may not turn you into a hipster. If you listen to 80’s hair metal like me, just buying these panties won’t be enough to make you a hipster. You’ll need a complete change in your musical taste and a firm grasp of irony to go with.

This outfit also certifies that their products are sweatshop-free, which I can get behind. I’m a little skeevy at the thought of their organic cotton period panties but hey, any port in a storm. They also sell Natura tampons for complete one-stop shopping, which give you all the tampon you need without the chemicals or bleach of a conventional tampon. I wrote my local pharmacy once and asked them to start carrying organic tampons, and I swear I heard the sound of evil corporate laughter a week later when they got my letter.


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