8th March 2010

Organic Mac & Cheese: Face-Off Against Kraft Dinner


Once upon a time, food chemists and marketers somewhere in the bowels of Kraft’s evil lair created a divine concoction composed of 1% cheese product, orange food colouring, elbow pasta and instructions that a drunk college student could follow. And it was good. Over a decade past the death of my university years, I still enjoy mac & cheese for lunch. When I saw organic macaroni & cheese on sale at my grocery store, I decided to give it a try. Even though they are tasty, I know deep in my heart that those chemicals that go into Kraft Dinner can’t be all that awesome for you.

I picked up Life Choices Organic Macaroni and Cheese, a name that I sniggered at a little since I wondered what they were trying to say with it. This product will erase all of those bad life choices you made with a good life choice? Well, it convinced me. Any help will do.

Cooking the macaroni, unsurprisingly, was the same as cooking the same thing from Kraft. The only roadblock I ran into was that the mixture did not seem to stir in as easily as its Kraft counterpart, something which was easily remedied with some elbow grease.

The taste? Honestly, it didn’t have the sharp cheddar taste of Kraft Dinner, but I thought it came in at a close enough second to end up on my future grocery list. Maybe not in the place of Kraft Dinner, but as a supplement to it. Actually, mixing two boxes half and half if you are making it for two is not a bad idea.

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  1. Insolent Trumpet

    Right, but how does it measure up to the PC White Cheddar mac and cheese? That’s what the people (at least, this person) really want to know.

    • Angela

      I have to admit I am not a fan of the PC product, but the Organic mac & cheese was closer in consistency and taste to PC White Cheddar than it was to Kraft Dinner; you may like it! Give it a try.

  2. Organic Love

    I’ll give it a shot! I love Mac n Cheese 🙂

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