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11th May 2012

Organic Potato Chips Curb Those Munchies

chips natural

Family's Best Organic Chips

If you’ve got the munchies, sometimes nothing but a handful of potato chips will satisfy that craving. While chips are never exactly going to be good for you, if you stick with organic options, it makes it easier to know what exactly you’re eating while doing your part for the earth as well.

In Canada, the President’s Choice label offers potato chips in their PC Organics line. These snacks are made from organic potatoes, organic sunflower oil, sea salt and seasoning. They’re available in salt & pepper, barbecue and sea salt flavours.

Family’s Best Organics offer USDA Certified organic chips, available in natural flavour, mild jalapeno and garlic & pesto. Their products are made from organic potatoes, fried in organic sunflower or safflower oil and then seasoned.

Whole Foods offers their own organic chips under their 365 Everyday Value label. Made from organic potatoes, they’re fried in organic sunflower oil and then seasoned with organic spices.

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