10th March 2010
Green Products

Organic Q-Tips for some Cleaner, Less Bleachy Ears


Ever since I found out about the dead zone in the Gulf of Mexico which can be directly attributed to pesticide runoff from cotton crops, I’ve been searching for ways to make my life less of a place for bleached, non-organic cotton to hang out. So far I’ve crossed off socks, towels, bedding, and other cotton items from my list. But this morning, I realized I’d left one essential item off; Q-Tips.

Organic Essentials

At $4.49, they aren’t that far away in price from their non-organic counterparts. Buy some other things from the store and the shipping won’t be too killer. There’s a lot there to choose from!

Grassroots Toronto
If you are in Toronto, stop by this awesome store at its original location on the Danforth or its not so new Annex branch. You can also buy these organic cotton swabs online.

Maxim Organic Cotton Swabs

This site lets you buy bulk lots, so you can split an order with friends.

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  1. Hammad

    Are you saying Unilever made q-tips organic?? Or that there are organic alternatives to q-tips?

  2. faroq

    organic essentials is now known as “Swisspers”.

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