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18th February 2009
Green Products

Organic Toilet Paper

organic toilet paperWhen you say “recycled toilet paper”, many things come to mind.  Most of them are not pleasant.  However, “organic toilet paper” sounds very nice, so we’ll stick with that.

Seventh Generation, the wonder company known for their eco-diapers, cleaners, and garbage bags, also bring you toilet paper.  What makes toilet paper eco?  In their case, 80% post-consumer content.  While virgin wood pulp sounds nice and white and fluffy, it isn’t so good for saving the trees.

If you want to want to go eco with your papier pour derriere without paying the price that SG commands for their premium product, look for the toilet paper with the highest amount of post-consumer content possible.  There are also toilet paper brands that are manufactured without bleach, a chemical that you probably want to keep away from your posterior on a regular basis.

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