10th April 2012
Green Products

Packing Your Lunch With Eco-Friendly Lunchboxes and Bags


If you need a fun and environmentally-sound way to get your lunch to work or school each day, reusable lunch boxes can help keep hot food hot, cold food cold and protect your sandwich from getting squished. The fun and colourful Lunchbots are stainless steel containers that come in a variety of sizes and shapes. They also sell some with separated compartments and insulation, and matching sets that include two or three containers to be used together.

ECOlunchbox, likewise, also has several stainless steel options. If you’re looking to stock up, they also offer an ECOlunchbox kit, which includes a food container, reusable lunch bag, a bamboo spork and matching cloth napkins.

PlanetBox has created a whole-lunch solution with a compartmentalized container that has special spots for a sandwich, fruit or veggies, dip and dessert. They also come with magnets that children can use to decorate and customize their own lunch box.

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