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31st October 2012

Michael Interisano Photography at Essentia Calgary!

Warm your soul with the warm tones and soft light of this beautiful photography…


(“Early Morning” by Michael Interisano)

Michael Interisano photography will be featured during November at Essentia, 1113 Kensington Road NW. You are invited to meet Michael and see his beautiful photos on the evening of November 8, 2012, from 6:00 to 8:30 p.m. Refreshments will be served!

You will see why Michael’s photography has gained many awards and been featured in numerous publications. The travel guides of both Travel Alberta and Tourism Calgary have featured Michael’s photography. The Alberta Minister of Labour has even used this exceptional photographer’s work as framed gifts on international trade missions.

Although born in Port Colborne, Ontario, Michael Interisano has lived in Calgary, Alberta, since 1981. Michael studied photography at Fanshawe College of Applied Arts in London, Ontario, and graduated with a Commercial Photography Diploma, Honours. Michael later worked for an oil company in Calgary, where he was in charge of their photographic services for 14 years. In 1995, Michael started his own company, Mirror Image Photography, focusing on commercial, industrial, stock, and art photography.

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(“Neuschwanstein” by Michael Interisano)

Michael Interisano’s photos of Alberta and Europe are very appealing. Michael photographs architectural delights and natural landscapes with equal flare. His preference shines through, though, in the following statement:

“I am a realist landscape artist with a passion for mountain scenery; my work expresses my love for the outdoors and the beauty of nature.  I enjoy capturing the warm, magical hues of early morning and late evening, which enhances my images.  I only use photographic techniques to create my images.  This purity of craft gives my visuals a very natural appearance.”

pumpjack 200interisano getty

(“Pumpjack” by Michael Interisano. Getty Images.)

You can view more of Michael Interisano’s stunning images in our Essentia showroom on Kensington Road NW between 10 and 10A Streets (or between Callebaut Chocolates and Crave Cupcakes, for those with a wickedly sweet tooth). You will also find more of Michael’s work at design pics.


Michael Interisano’s photography continue to be in demand by the oil industry.




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