1st June 2020

Planning a Summer Road Trip? Don’t Sacrifice Quality Sleep!

The way we live has changed dramatically, and as most of us begin to come out of our nearly 3-month quarantine we are starting to realize that our Summer’s are going to look quite different. I for one am feeling certain phrases spawned during this pandemic to be a bit overused… take for instance ‘unprecedented times’ and ‘the new normal’ but I couldn’t help but chuckle when I saw a news story about COVID campers. I needed to learn more!

In doing my research, I found this excerpt from a Bloomberg article about the COVID camper phenomenon especially eye-opening considering the dealer they visited says he has experienced an increase in sales by 30% recently:

For decades, sales of motor homes and travel trailers you hitch to your car were a reliable indicator of the beginning—and end—of a recession. Sales would dip as a downturn approached, and rise right before a recovery. But this time, it’s different: sales are rising as America enters its worst contraction since the Great Depression. While more than one in five workers has filed for unemployment, some people are shelling out upwards of $100,000 so they can hit the road while staying away from everyone else.

It’s true, think about these summer months that are upon us… how many of us are planning an exotic vacation that involves air travel? Almost no one I know, and we all know that going on a cruise isn’t in the books for the foreseeable future. So what is this COVID camper phenomenon? A way to get out of the house, while following social distancing guidelines, and exploring your country!

OffTheGridGirlWe’ve been cooped-up and are desperate to get our after months of lockdown and the dream of anything resembling a vacation can be a reality in a COVID camper. As states open, we do have to be conscious of a potential second wave, so socially distant vacations are our ‘new normal’. You get to travel and bring along your own kitchen, bathroom, and even bedroom equipped with your favorite mattress 😉  Yes, most of these campers are equipped with a queen-size bed for the ultimate in space and comfort.

Essentia has some great natural memory foam mattress options and at 8 inches in height, you most often don’t need to order a custom mattress to fit your new camper. This means you can take Essentia’s world-renowned pressure-relieving mattress with you on your travels.

Maybe a COVID camper is a stretch, that doesn’t exclude a great road trip with some camping. In that event, Essentia’s natural memory foam portable topper and natural support pillows are your perfect companions!

new mattress1

If you really want to think outside of the box and sleep off the grid, you can even put an Essentia mattress in your car. That’s right, we’ve actually put an Essentia mattress in a Prius! Turns out a full-size mattress fits perfectly in the back when the seats are down, and at a custom 4-inch height also molds right around the wheel wells. Imagine simply parking your hybrid off a gorgeous outlook and drifting off to a peaceful slumber.

The biggest advantage of going with Essentia for your road trip needs, our products are made using the highest quality natural and organic ingredients in our GOLS and GOTS certified organic factory. This means no toxic chemicals, flame retardants, or harsh fumes found in synthetic foams, and when spending a lot of time in a small space on the open road all you want to inhale is fresh clean air. Imagine exploring Banff National Park, Jasper National Park, Cape August, and the other amazing wonders of our own backyard.

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