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1st October 2015
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Rize and Shine!

Surprise! We’re happy to announce that we now offer the Rize adjustable online and in all of our store locations.

Adjustable beds are a great option for many as ergonomic bases can help alleviate issues like heartburn, snoring and poor blood circulation. Also, they are a great option if you simply want to enjoy your Essentia mattress even longer by lounging in bed to read a book, watch TV or even work on a laptop.

Rize Adjustable Boca Raton

The Rize adjustable base offers a full range of motion as well as many features including massage and the exclusive lounge feature. You can learn more about the Rize adjustable features here.

We were really excited to be able to offer a more stylish adjustable option that fits your modern home without looking like the traditional “medical” style adjustable that most people expect. It’s a new take on the adjustable that makes its perfect for everyone and any age.

Check out the Rize Adjustable.

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