18th September 2011

Sally’s Cereal Get Your Morning Started With a Bit More Green Than Conventional Cereals


In the highly competitive cereal market, there have been two choices for green-minded consumers. Higher-priced yet tasty organic brands like Kashi and Nature’s Path Foods, and conventional cereal. For those with less dollar to stretch, the price difference between the two has been high enough that they’ve been forced to choose the more conventional brands. Choose no more, budget-minded greenies. Sally’s Cereal is here.

While they offer bulk paks of healthier cereals like Whole Wheat Squares, they also feature kid-friendly flavours like Honey Oat Medley and Cinnamon Bliss. Sure, they’re not the overly sugared and advertised cereals that your kids may be begging for, but once they taste them they may be converted.

Not Organic, But Trying to Be Green

The compromise with Sally’s is that the cereals used are not organic. However, they have a pretty hardcore sustainability program that governs their company, packaging, and production processes. Some of their packaging processes include packing their cereals in giant bags.

Where to Buy

Wal-Mart and selected natural health food stores.

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