2nd September 2011

Sharks Invade Socal Coast



There aren’t too many people that are immune to sharks. Here in California we don’t normally have problems with sharks but it seems like recently some Great Whites have been poking around. With surfers in the water everyday and children playing on the beach, people are raising an eyebrow to pictures like the one above.

Sighting like these bring up the question, when is it necessary to step in and push wildlife away? These sharks have obviously been drawn here by something. Maybe it’s because we’ve polluted the earth so much that these sharks have had to migrate with their food to a warmer climate.

With effects being seen all over, from the earthquake in Washington to the hurricanes on the East Coast, one may say we have brought this on ourselves. As we destroy more and more habitats, we will have to suffer the consequences and share our space with more and more wildlife.

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