5th September 2011
Green Products

Skin Food And Others Great Organic Solutions for Skin Care


I have patches of eczema on my hands and feet that I’ve been trying to treat naturally for most of my life. While shea butter has worked nicely in the past, nothing has worked as well as Weleda Skin Food. The fact that it smells awesome makes it even better. Whenever I put it on, itching and scaliness immediately go away, and it is made with completely natural ingredients so chemicals don’t make their way into open sores on my skin. Apparently organic pansies are responsible for relieving the irritation without making the skin feel greasy.

Weleda has been making organic and natural products for over 90 years. They make hair care products, baby skin care products, mother skin care products, and a bunch of other great stuff. I am looking forward to trying their pomengranate anti-aging products after using Skin Food. They’re reasonably priced as well, which is something you usually don’t see in organic skin care. Check out their website for more details on the company and what they sell.

While Dr. Hauschka is another great organic skincare company, their prices can be out of the reach of the average consumer. I occasionally indulge in their Rose Day Cream when I feel like spoiling myself. Another great scent and fabulous for my late-thirties skin.

Another company to look out for, especially if you are in France or Europe for a visit, are Ballot-Fleurin. I was lucky enough to interview their founder a couple of years ago at the French Trade Commission and she gave me a sample of their honey skin serum made from organic honey. They have a certain way of treating the bees and harvesting the honey that is more in tune with nature and improves the quality of their honey. While I suffer from dryness and the first signs of aging, this magical potion has helped to stave off any signs of premature aging and kept my skin creamy and soft. The more research you do into honey, the more it makes sense as an ingredient in any anti-aging products.

All other products talked about here have been purchased by me.

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