sleep deprivation and men
1st June 2020

Why Men May Be Suffering From Sleep Deprivation

A cup of coffee isn’t the only thing that can cause your energy levels to jump around. The other reason why you feel wide-awake at some points of the day and drowsy at others? Your circadian rhythm, an internal clock that helps regulate the cycle of when you feel sleepy and when you feel alert.  In a broad sense, circadian rhythms are similar from person to person, operating on roughly 24-hour cycles. But it turns out there are some notable differences in the sleep/wake patterns of women and men, which could explain why men tend to be night owls while women are more apt to be early risers.

The circadian clocks of women run on a time interval that is slightly less than 24 hours. This is likely due to the fact that women’s circadian cycles are slightly shorter — by around six minutes. This may not seem like a significant discrepancy, but it can add up to an immense fluctuation in sleep behavior. The differences in the timing of our internal clocks likely contribute to a basic phenomenon that many people have observed: Men tend to be more productive at night while women are more likely to be early risers. Women are also more likely to report feeling sleepy during the day. This can have an immense impact on how people manage their lives and their time. It can even interfere with family time and date activities.

Other reasons men may not be getting enough sleep:

  1. Uncomfortable Mattress. Many people do not realize how vital a supportive and comfortable mattress and pillows are for a quality night’s sleep. Many people keep mattresses and pillows long past when they are intended, and a low-quality mattress may contain chemicals and allergens that negatively impact sleep patterns and quality of sleep. To get a better night of sleep, invest in a high-quality mattress and pillows that are crafted using organic materials that are free from harsh chemicals, and fire retardants. Essentia’s patented natural memory foam mattresses are the healthiest mattresses and the mattress of choice for many athletes, health gurus and doctors alike.
  2. Priorities. Think about your typical day. It may include work, a trip to the gym, time with friends, and quality time with your wife or children. This will limit the time you have in your day to prioritize sleep. It’s time to take stock of what you do in a day: What can wait? What can be delegated to someone else? As other tasks drop lower, sleep can move toward the top of your priority list meaning you’ll be better rested when tackling your hectic days.
  3. Men are at a Higher Risk for Sleep Apnea. Men are more susceptible to sleep apnea than women due to a connection between testosterone and sleep apnea. Sleep apnea is a condition in which your breathing stops and starts during sleep. It affects between 4 and 9 percent of adult men and can be caused by low testosterone levels.
  4. Men Don’t Seek Treatment for Depression. Many men have a hard time seeking help for mental health issues like depression. Some choose to ignore it, while others worry that it isn’t macho to admit that they are depressed. Unfortunately, an issue like depression that’s left untreated can affect every part of your life, including your sleep. You could notice that it feels impossible to fall asleep at night or tough to get out of bed in the morning.
  5. Other Male Medical Issues. As you get older, health problems may end up impacting your sleep. For example, an enlarged prostate, which can hit more than half of men by the age of 60, can cause you to wake up throughout the night to pee. Other sleep disruptors could be conditions like asthma, heart disease, and arthritis, or medications.

Of the issues listed above, we felt it was important to point out that men really shouldn’t be afraid to seek treatment. Kevin Love, an Essentia sleeper, has recently become the face of tackling mental health in men and athletes. Breaking the stigma is an important part of your overall well-being and listening to Kevin Love discuss this can hopefully encourage you to consider seeking help from a therapist to help get you back to a healthy and happy

It then becomes obvious as we go into Father’s Day that prioritizing sleep for the men in our lives is especially important. Creating a welcoming sleep environment can be the first big step to ensuring proper sleep. As we highlighted above, men are more predisposed to being affected by Sleep Apnea and important addition to the bedroom to help reduce snoring is a Rize Adjustable Base which allows the sleeper to bring the head up slightly to help reduce the effects of snoring and resulting in more restful sleep. Not to mention, pairing that with an Essentia natural memory foam mattress will create the most comforting, cocoon that you’ll never want to leave.

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