Essentia Mattress Feel Firm or Soft?
31st December 2019

Sleep Your Way to Accomplishing Your Resolutions This Year!

You’ll be hearing about it a lot this new year: Sleep!

It’s a big trend and for good reason, with quality sleep, you can accomplish anything! Thankfully, here at Essentia, we’ve been ahead of the curve on the sleep trend. Over the past 14 years, we’ve perfected the art of next level sleep with constant innovation and research. The result is a line of mattresses designed to improve your every day.

How did you sleep in 2019? If it was memorable for all the wrong reasons, then you may be missing the biggest key to sleep success: an Essentia mattress!

We know there is a lot of noise out in the world when it comes to mattresses, some keep it old school and a lot are one size fits all…. but we all know how one size fits all works in practice: not that well! Here are Essentia, we’ve married performance and comfort to develop mattresses that do the work for you. Sleep should come easy, and given the right conditions, it will.

To help better explain exactly how Essentia is different we’ve put together a few quick videos that highlight the main factors that make Essentia the perfect choice for everyone.

Essentia’s 6 Key Elements for Next Level Sleep


Our patented natural memory foam is made using only the highest quality natural and organic materials. Outperforming traditional foams, we’ve proven that you don’t have to sacrifice health for comfort.



As mentioned above, we only use the highest quality natural and organic materials in our mattresses ensuring that you aren’t exposed to any icky stuff. When your body isn’t spending its time fighting outside toxins, your central nervous system relaxes and you can sleep.


One of the biggest advantages of sleeping on an Essentia, you won’t sleep hot! Really, Essentia mattresses are proven to sleep on average 7 degrees cooler than your body temperature over an 8-hour time frame:



Not all backs are the same, and traditional mattresses rarely address this. This is why sometimes a new mattress will feel good for a while and then get increasingly uncomfortable. With our super responsive natural memory foam, your back stays supported and feels great.



Our Wholebody Recovery mattresses offer our patented molded technology to create a mattress that performs for you.


Tested by Dr. Robert G Hamilition at the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, Essentia mattresses are proven to be impervious to dust mites and other critters making it the perfect mattress for allergy sufferers.

We also shared some great sleep tips last year that can come in handy this year too, check out our new year sleep tips here.

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