27th June 2008

Soy Memory Foam is Misleading

soy memory foam

Ok, so you want the skinny on soy memory foam mattresses?

The Soy memory foam or Plant Based memory foam available is a maximum of 15% soy…the rest is the same old petroleum based foam. When i say 15, it’s generous. It’s usually only 2-10% soy.

Is it healthier to sleep on? No
Does it prevent the strong chemical odor? No
Is it green? Depends on your standards

Natural memory foam does exist. That’s the good stuff.

Soy in not included in the top layer of the mattresses….which is the actual memory foam portion of the mattress. The soy in added to the base foam. This is the industry’s way of going green. Lets put salad in our 3 patty hamburger and call it the Healthy Supreme Burger 😉 . Big Mattress Co are like every other billion dollar industry. Smoke and Mirrors.

Ford developed a foam which replaces an impressive 40% of the standard petroleum-based polyol used in seating materials with a soy-derived material. Their new tv commercial boasts this soy-based Bio-Foam seat filler. More soy for everyone! Let’s start burning down the rainforest for soy fields. Oh yeah, we’ve been doing that for years now. Silly me.

Big $$$$$$$$ is also saved by going with soy because it reduces the amount of petroleum used in the foam.

Now if they’d used recycled bedding foam in the car seats, that would have impress me!

All this to say that soy memory foam or plant based foam available today is the same old chemical odor rich foam that’s hot to sleep in wrapped in a nice green bow 😀

We have the only true natural memory foam.

Read more about Plant-Based Memory Foam Mattresses.

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  1. Erica

    Thank you so much for your post on soy mattresses or lack there of.

    The more i learn about eco-friendly mattresses the more i’m amazed at how deceitful the mattresses industry is. Scary stuff.

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