PinkGinger VanillaBean 100Pure
5th December 2011

Start Wearing Organic Make-up and Natural Cosmetics with Environmentally Friendly Skin Care Products!

PinkGinger VanillaBean 100Pure

“It’s nice to have products that are helping people and not contributing to cancer and a lot of other things.”

This is a quote from new Pink Ginger CEO Lyz Plant, who calls herself an “eco freak” and is a former make-up artist. Pink Ginger is a business which specializes in natural cosmetics and skin care that are environmentally friendly. Kind of funny how her last name is Plant and her cosmetics are environmentally friendly 😛 It was meant to be!

If you haven’t heard of Pink Ginger yet, check it out because Miss Plant is a pretty interesting character herself as she has worked with Jay Manuel from America’s Next Top Model, has led makeup duties for the Munk Debates, and has been a member of the L’Oreal team during Toronto Fashion Week for 11 years now according to

Along with an extensive background in make-up artistry training, she is still taking classes to develop her own green lotions. Lyz has always been environmentally conscious and will be offering products through Pink Ginger that she knows customers will love and feel good about using. She will also be educating people on the dangers of using makeup with parabens. For example, some lipsticks still contain lead. Not everything in Pink Ginger will be organic. There will be some man-made products which she feels will be okay for use. She wants Pink Ginger to be a place people can come and get the real deal and information as she says to

Be sure to check out Pink Ginger where they currently offer a variety of skin care lines from the United States, such as 100% Pure, Suki, Kimberly Sayer, John Masters Organics and Juice Beauty. In addition, the store offers a cosmetics line called Nvey Eco and they are products from Jurlique, a company from Australia who creates organic products.

And if you love your nails, try out Piggy Paints which is an all-natural nail polish for kids that Pink Ginger also carries. This line was specifically started by a mom who was concerned about young girls that were chewing on  their nails with nail polish on them and thought about the effects of those chemicals on their bodies.

I will leave you with one last thoughtful quote from Lyz Plant:

“Your dollar is your vote to the world you want to live in.”

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  1. Chay

    great article! and Lyz is super smart at educating her clients! and an amazing make up artist!

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