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5th June 2013
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Using the Color Green to Make Your Bedroom an Oasis of Peace!


The color green is a very relaxing one, as it is a color of nature. You can decorate your room with this organic, earthy color, and it will make your bedroom a calm, peaceful place where the cares of the world just disappear and life is good. An environment that helps you to relax will promote better sleep, which will improve your health, fight stress, and keep you working hard!

How can you use green in your room?

Use Plants — There’s nothing like a few green plants to add color to your room. Not only will they release fresh oxygen regularly, but they’ll brighten up the place. As long as you take care of them, they will be a wonderful decoration for your room.


Try Grey Green — If you’re going for a more modern look, use a darker shade of grey-green to make it look elegant and yet still natural. The darker grey of the paint will avoid the natural brightness of green, but will still have a relaxing appeal.

Add Wood — Want to make your room look like a natural oasis? Use green coverings and colors on the walls, but add wood furniture, beds, shelves, and decorations. It will make your room look like a forest, and it will be a great look for your bedroom.

Go for Subtle — For those who like to relax, a white bedroom with accents of green will be a great place to lounge around. The bright white colors of your room will make it look airy and breezy, but the green accents will give it a natural feel that you just can’t get with any other color.

Mix with Primary Colors — If you’re decorating your child’s room or you just want to brighten up the room, mix green with a few other primary colors. Many people will use green as the main color of the room, but adding red, orange, yellow, and blue will give it a very colorful appeal.


Green is a soft, relaxing color, and it will make your bedroom a place of peace. Goodness knows we always need one of those, especially after a long day!

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