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1st July 2019

Summer is Here! Got Our Top Healthy Travel Tips

Summer is officially here, which also means many of us may have some big summer travel plans! When it comes to travel, despite the season, there are a few big healthy travel tips to share with you. 

We believe that you should keep your health and wellness in mind even when booking your trip, so keeping the focus on hotels with wellness amenities like the hotels participating in the Stay Well program. We may be a bit biased to the quality of sleep you experience in a Stay Well room as Essentia does make the Stay Well Mattress, but there are also some awesome destinations on the list. If you haven’t planned your summer vacation yet, you can find a Stay Well room here. Delos created the Stay Well experience after years of research with doctors, scientists and wellness thought leaders like Dr. Deepak Chopra, Dr. Michael Roizen Chief Wellness Officer of the Cleveland Clinic and Leonardo DiCaprio. The focus of a Stay Well room is on reducing stress, enabling a more restful sleep, protecting immunity, eliminating the effect of jet lag and increasing energy for a better travel experience whether it be for work or pleasure. 

The Stay Well program is built on many individual features, which when combined, have an unprecedented positive health impact.” Deepak Chopra

Essentia’s Top 5 Healthy Travel Tips 

  1. Stay Hydrated! Always travel with a refillable water bottle to ensure that you remind yourself to get your water in. Dehydration can cause headaches, fatigue and other issues that you simply don’t want to experience while exploring your destination. 
  2. Comfort is key! Don’t forget to pack the Essentia Coco Traveler pillow to keep your long distance nap times super comfortable. This travel pillow features our organic Coco proprietary blend of three unique high-density latex foams offering a more cradling contour while fully supporting your neck, relaxing your muscles and eliminating tension… face it, traveling can sometimes be tense enough. 
  3. Have a Healthy Snack Pack! Don’t get lured in by the overpriced snacks in the airport or on the plane snack cart. Always be prepared with a snack pack of some high-protein favorites that will even come in handy if you have to wait long between meals at your destination. We’re big fans of RXBARS, RX almond butter single serve packs, Chomps grass-fed jerky sticks, raw nuts, and Vital Proteins collagen peptide packets.
  4. Stay ahead of the germs! Planes are notorious for harboring germs, how many times have you traveled and immediately come down with a cold? No one wants to be sick on vacation! We’re fans of Gaia Herbs Black Elderberry Syrup and Oregano oil to help keep the immune system up. This is especially important because traveling and new climates will put your body under added stress. 
  5. Unplug! We can’t stress it enough, you are on vacation to enjoy yourself and get immersed in a new culture. Disconnect from your cell phone for a bit and really enjoy the peace that exploring the world can bring. Of course, you will snap pics, but don’t stay so lost in your phone that you miss out on the experience. And work emails are a big no-no! 

Travelling is fun, but sometimes coming home is the best part of the journey especially if you’re sleeping on an Essentia natural memory foam mattress. Share your healthy travel tips with us in the comments below. 

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