Corey Clement
5th July 2018

Super Bowl Champion Corey Clement Sleeps on Essentia

Here at Essentia, we have some awesome athletes that rely on our patented technology to help them recover from the stress that they put their body under to perform at their best. One of the newest family members to be sleeping Essentia is Super Bowl Champion Corey Clement of the Philadelphia Eagles.

Here is what Corey Clement has to say about sleeping on his custom Essentia ProCor mattress:

“I know from experience how crucial proper recovery is to my performance during the season and leading up to Super Bowl. It’s all about being smart, and allowing the body and mind to recover from the daily grind. I know that sleep is a crucial element for that to happen, and that’s why it was so important for me to prioritize the kind of sleep I experience. Essentia was the answer for me, since sleeping on my Essentia I fall asleep right away and wake up feeling refreshed. I can feel that the quality of sleep I’ve been getting translates into my performance on field. This is hands down the game changer for any professional athlete.” Corey Clement, Philadelphia Eagles, 2017 Super Bowl Champions

If you aren’t familiar with this powerhouse running back you’ve been missing out! Corey Clement is a smart and fast player on the field which was all on display during the Super Bowl with some clutch plays. If you missed them this highlight reel really shows off what hard work, training and proper recovery can do:

The Essentia ProCor mattress is custom built to each athlete based on their body type and sport that they play. Packed with Essentia technology and featuring all 6 key elements for whole body recovery including a faster response time to reduce sleep interruptions and promoting ‘micro-hibernation’ by sleeping on average 7 degrees cooler than your body temperature. You can learn more about how the ProCor is made and athletes sleeping on ProCor here.

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