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3rd February 2016
Health and Wellness

#Support322: Weight Loss and Big Gains!

We’ve called in the big guns to really kick Jack’s #Support322 program into overdrive, and we’re excited to share them with you.FullSizeRender[1]

First up, Ben Greenfield our resident cutting-edge fitness guru. Ben’s mission is to teach you “how to become Superhuman as fast as possible, as safely as possible”. It’s safe to say he’s become a vital source of information for Jack who has never run a triathlon or anything close to a triathlon before.

To get a good grasp of what the plan of action would be Jack and Ben sat on a call… to say it was enlightening for Jack would be an understatement. First things first, it’s always important to get your blood work, EKG, Cardiac Stress and Calcium Score done with your doctor. It’ll help with your training plan as well as which diet, supplements and lifestyle changes will work best to optimize your performance.

Jack-322-TTNext up, a solid training plan! Jack has always been an avid biker, but swimming and marathon running are new additions to his regime. As such, Ben put together a comprehensive training plan for Jack to follow. It is a 12-week beginner sprint triathlon training, which lays out all the workouts to help you get ready for your first triathlon including specific workouts to learn how to swim, bike, run and even weight train.

If you’re thinking of running your first triathlon Ben has made this awesome resource available to all of you! The plan is $37 but you can use the exclusive coupon ESSENTIAVIP to save 20% on the entire plan! Get the 12-week Training Plan.

Jack’s also been doing weight and strength training in the gym. I was curious how this would affect triathlon results because it seemed like endurance was more important than strength. After digging around Ben’s site I found his podcast “Unlocking the Mysteries of Strength Training for Endurance Athletes” and it’s definitely been great to understand the synergies between strength and endurance. I definitely recommend you check it out here.

Once you have the training plan set, it’s time to start thinking of all the gear you need. Jack has started getting the basics that he didn’t already have as recommended by Ben:IMG_2758

Safe to say Jack even picked up some supplies he didn’t even consider, like Seat Saver… yep chafing cream is apparently a big must before a triathlon. Ben’s wealth of knowledge and advice is proving to be a major key to Jack’s continued success.

Jack is also currently on a weight loss track, and spending 3 weeks at the Hippocrates Health Institute doing the Life Transformation Program… of all the things he’s learning it seems the most exciting is his new found love of wheatgrass:

Jack-322-Wheatgrass“I’m bringing this to Essentia. They say some people struggle with this I find it sweet! It’s like this glowing green… Like supercharged spinach.”

Honestly, I’ve been inspired by Jack’s progress to make some healthy eating changes of my own but I’m not sure I’ll be able to replace my espresso habit with wheatgrass shots, regardless of how pretty they are… only time will tell!

Overall, Jack is down 57lbs and counting! With just about 2 months to go to the big day, it looks like Jack is squarely on the road to winning!

Bonus: here’s is Rich and Jack  about a week ago…


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