27th August 2013
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Sustainable Living: 4 Must-Haves of a Green Bedroom

A green bedroom is a good bedroom. If we love our earth, we should partake is caring for it, and this starts by having a sustainable house. If we surround ourselves with items that are good for the earth and good for our environment (inside and outside) we are taking a stand in the name of sustainability.

These days, being eco-friendly isn’t as easy as it should be. As consumers, there are a lot of products that compete for our attention every day. These products are marketed in a way to make you believe that they will fill a void and fulfill a need. They will tell you to prioritize your comfort, personal tastes, fashion sense, health, and social acceptance, but surprisingly not too many tell you to prioritize the planet. Isn’t that strange, considering that nothing else matters if we as humans, who truly need our planet for our survival, will cease to exist if we do not place some priority on preserving our earth?


Well guess what? You don’t need to sacrifice your comfort, health, or popularity to help preserve the earth. You just need to look for products that are eco-friendly. If this is important to you, you will be able to find anything you need to have a very comfortable and enjoyable life, without causing unnecessary harm to the earth.

Your bedroom should be the one place you are most comfortable in the world. Creating your personalized zen crib with your total comfort and the health of the earth as equal priorities may seem like a daunting task. Lucky for you, we are here to help. We did the research, and here are the top 4 must-haves for an eco-friendly bedroom:

An Organic Cotton Accent Rug from Coyuchi:


When choosing a rug, it is best to stick to ones made from natural fibers like wool or cotton. Coyuchi takes pride in its social and environmental standards by sourcing its organic cotton from only GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) or OEKO-TEX certified suppliers who operate with only the highest standards. Buying organic means caring for the earth because practices used in organic farming (whether it be food or fiber) aim to preserve the quality of the earth, not taint it.

No toxic dyes, bleaches, or finishes are used in their textiles. Aside from being eco-friendly, this makes their rugs better for your health than conventional rugs, which are often treated with formaldehyde. Another plus: all of Coyuchi’s Organic Cotton rugs are produced using fair-labor practices, which is verified by in-country auditors.

All of Coyuchi’s products are guaranteed for 365 days, meaning you can exchange for any item of equal or lesser value within a year of purchase. You may return any item within 30 days of purchase for a complete refund.



Energy-Efficient LED Lightbulbs from Eartheasy:

Though they are initially pricey, LEDs are more durable than the other bulb options and typically outlive them, making them the least costly option in the long run. You could go 20 years without having to change an LED light bulb.

Not only do energy-efficient LED bulbs lift a load on the environment, but they will also save you money on your electricity bill! Eartheasy offers an array of bulb selections for most fixtures and lamps available in cool and warm light and dimmable and non-dimmable options.

To know which bulb is best for you, use Eartheasy’s LED Bulb Comparison Charts.



A Natural Memory-Foam Mattress from Essentia:

Buying a new mattress is a substantial monetary investment, but a good mattress is an extremely important aspect of a healthy and eco-friendly bedroom; quite possibly the most important aspect.

Did you know that the average mattress can take decades to decompose? Landfills are littered with millions of them. At the end of its life an Essentia mattress will take just 3 years to biodegrade when exposed to the elements.

In addition to being earth-friendly, Essentia mattresses are actually very human-friendly. Typically, memory foam is made of numerous toxic chemicals, but Essentia’s mattresses are made of their own patented natural memory foam (produced with the highest standards) and topped with an organic cotton cover. With Essentia you get the posture benefits of memory foam combined with the health benefits of a non-toxic sleep and the ethical benefits of an earth-friendly, biodegradable mattress.



Organic and Locally Produced Sleepwear from Cottonfield:

Cottonfield specializes in clothing made of 100% certified organic cotton proudly produced in the USA. Buying locally produced garments means less transportation, hence less pollution. Another green aspect of this brand is that they use low-impact dies, which absorb well into natural fabrics and hence leave less run off and pollution.

Cottonfield is a proudly ethical brand that cares for the planet and its people by promoting sweatshop-free practices. Among other organic cotton apparel, they sell wonderful pyjamas and robes for both men and women.



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