2nd September 2009
Green Products

Sustainable Labels With Tree-Free Paper, Made With 100% Wind Power, and 100% Biodegradable – Yes You Can!


Organic Trader Canada was a little disgruntled when they called nearly every printing company in North America to try to find a label that was made as sustainably as they would like it. At every corner, they got “couldn’t be done”, “this is impossible with existing technology” and similar statements from the printing industry.

Now the printing industry is calling them for their Eco Earth Label. The label is made with 100% tree-free paper, it is completely biodegradable, it contains no glues, uses only vegetable based inks, and it is manufactured using 100% wind power. That’s a mouthful, but Organic Trader stuck by their principles and ended up making a product that everyone in the organics industry can benefit from.

While other companies may not be quite as hardcore as Eco Earth Label, the following companies offer similar services:

Peters Custom Labels
Soy-based inks, offsets paper use with donations to forest preservation charities.

Natural Source Printing
Tree-free paper, biodegradable, carbon neutral labels. This is the company featured in the video.

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