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1st September 2016
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The Bionda: Essentia’s Soft Organic Latex Mattress!

Last month we left you with a pretty big teaser… and we’re excited to share that those 2 new mattresses are here!

The Bionda and Stratami are the newest members of Essentia’s Lifestyle organic latex mattress collection. Here at Essentia, we believe that a great organic mattress shouldn’t cost over 4k, and with the introduction of our new models, we’re able to offer this option without increasing the cost up to our Performance models!

Let’s jump into what makes the Bionda Organic Latex Mattress so special:

The Bionda offers a soft surface with a pillow-top like feel and a bit of bounce. It’s the perfect soft organic mattress but better, as you won’t find any layers of wool, cotton or fiber batting that are perfect nesting grounds for dust mites. That makes the Bionda an awesome choice for an allergy sufferer that has been searching for the perfect soft mattress.


The Bionda features 2 layers of our exclusive dome-shaped contour latex surface. This surface is the secret sauce to our new lifestyle collection models as it adds plush comfort, which is exactly what the lifestyle models are all about.

The dome shape of the contour latex surface allows more air between the surface and the body, reducing pressure. As latex isn’t known for its pressure-relieving abilities, the contour latex surface’s new dome shape and quick response allows us to keep comfort a priority. The Bionda has this surface on both sides, so while it isn’t necessary, you can actually sleep on either side of the mattress and experience the same comfort.

The Bionda is covered by our 20-year warranty and is shipped for free to your door via UPS or FedEx based on your location.

Check out our new soft organic mattress and discover what next level sleep is all about.

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  1. Nathan Crowley

    What are your organic mattresses made of? Great products!

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