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14th February 2013
Health and Wellness

The Healthy Foundation of a Quality Bed!

Why spend over $2,000 on a bed?



I asked myself the same question before becoming knowledgeable (and working at) Essentia in Lincoln Park. I was sleeping on a vintage, label-less bed that was my great Aunt Helen’s.  I did not have a clue what was inside of it. Nonetheless, it was comfortable and I didn’t think much of it.


The daily toll we take on our bodies is actually pretty astounding.  Especially if you work nine-hour days, are physically active, and have a social life.  Imagine if you didn’t eat right too? Then, sleeping on something for 8 hours a night that actually may not be good for you at all? I think not.

With recent articles questioning the integrity of mattresses as a whole, luxury mattress companies have recently exploded across the home furnishings market.  They provide the best sources for materials and have amazing twenty to forty year life spans.


CH+D2What Essentia does is provide the best of that, in an all-natural, sustainable, green way. We individually make each bed in Montreal so it can also be completely customizable. We are not certified as “organic”, as mattresses technically can’t be. But, we are the closest to achieving that title with our materials. Every ingredient put in to one of our mattresses is either certified organic, natural or tested to be VOC free. Workers in our production facility don’t even have to wear masks because our product is so pure and totally toxin-free.

You don’t need to spend $100K on a bed, but everyone should do their research before purchasing. With technology and medicine alike advancing as they are, I do not see spring loaded mattresses as the American staple in twenty years from now.

Whenever the time may come when you need a new bed, just keep in mind your health and comfort are both top priority. Doors are always open at Essentia in Lincoln Park. Please, feel free to contact us with any questions or comments.

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