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2nd December 2015
Green Products

The NEW Dormeuse Fior by Essentia

It’s always exciting for us to develop new products and processes. The status quo is just never acceptable which is what gives Essentia real depth.

Since we’re always testing new formulations to keep our edge, we often make improvements and the New Dormeuse Fior falls under that distinction.

The new Dormeuse Fior has set the bar again. Everyone who tried the Fior could always tell it had something special with trademark softness and contouring characteristics.

We took that exceptional luxury and devised a way to apply one of our patents, bringing it to a new level of comfort and support.

The Fior mattresses are now individually molded. 3” Molded, 6.25 density Fior Formula that gives it a unique softness and support. 2” 5.25 density Natural Memory Foam as the assisted recovery layer and 3” of Natural Latex for baseline support.

You can now experience luxurious softness with WholeBody Recovery benefits!

Experience the new Dormeuse Fior at an Essentia location near you.

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