13th September 2012
New York

The San Gennaro Festival in Little Italy, NY

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My exposure to The San Gennaro Festival in Little Italy, began relatively young when at about age 9 my Dad decided to begin an annual tradition of making it a family outing. We are not Italian Americans but being Jewish NYers qualifies us as a close 2nd! I quickly and easily learned how to navigate through the crowds by following the delightful smells until at last, I would find it…the ZEPPOLE stand!!! Those heavenly little balls of dough, deep fried to perfection and coated with yummy, white powdered sugar. I waited all year for this day. For me it was better than a bucket full of halloween candy! If you are one to turn your nose up at such delicacies and have therefore never tried one, I urge you to reconsider. The warmly served, deep fried balls of flour and grease just melt in your mouth, and after all, life is way too short not to indulge on occasion right?  If sweet is not your thing, no worries, the savory department is well represented here with the meanest, fattiest, greasiest, yummiest sausage and pepper sandwich you’re ever likely to find (at a street fair). They take this stuff very seriously you know. The San Gennaro Festival has become a cultural, iconic event here in this great city, one which deliciously announces that Fall is in the air, and while you may not attend for sentimental reasons as I do, it is certainly worth the trip and the heartburn. Oh, and did I mention the cannolis?  Mange!!!!

Festival runs from September 13 – 23rd

Get all of the festival details here:

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  1. Isabel

    OOoooo this sounds wonderful! Wish I were in NYC and jealous of everybody that is and gets to enjoy this amazing festival! Promise you’ll eat a Zeppole for us all 🙂

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