30th April 2011

The Sex Was Fantastic – If Memory Serves Me Right

I was recently talking to some friends here in Vancouver who had just attended the The Taboo Naughty But Nice Show. This show is held on an annual basis in Calgary, Edmonton, Fraser Valley, Red Deer, Regina, Saskatoon, Vancouver and Winnipeg.  They knew that I sold natural memory foam mattresses, and braved to ask a question that few dare to.

“So, what’s it like ? You know, having sex?”

The following is basically what I told them, modified slightly for the blog:

Pressure points are a major concern when choosing a mattress, and memory foam is certainly rises above all others in that regard. Essentia’s natural memory foam mattresses wrapped in organic cotton allow you to maintain a number of positions without being afraid that one of your limbs will get numb. Because memory foam shapes to your body, there aren’t any uncomfortable positions caused by pressure points keeping you from getting imaginative in the bedroom.

Another concern may be noise. It’s not hard to conceive, sorry, it’s not hard to imagine how difficult it would be to keep things on the down-low with squeaking bed springs, rattling frames and banging headboards. There’s nothing like tear filled eyes at mommy and daddy’s bedroom door to ensure that little Charlie Tucker remains an only child.

The one thing innerspring beds do, is bounce back. This helps with both rhythm and speed. But it can also waste a lot of energy and effort: the mattress pushes back when you push down, preventing you from get closer to your partner.

This brings us to the energy efficiency of memory foam mattresses. Since there is virtually no bounce, all your energy and effort is pleasurably rewarded. The gripping nature of memory foam contours to your partner’s body so that they won’t be shoved around with every move. It’s almost like an extremely mild form of BDSM. This of course means that certain techniques work much better and you won’t need to hook your feet to the side rails or bang the headboard to enjoy your signature moves.

Obviously your body temperature increases during sex, so your Essentia natural memory foam mattress will help reduce that ‘hot’ feeling by dissipating the heat while still maintaining support. Traditional memory foam gets much softer in warmer climates and can lead to a mushy feeling that can kill that lovin’ feeling. Because of the natural ingredients in Essentia’s memory foam, the integrity is maintained to a higher degree, maintaining continued support.

Admittedly memory foam doesn’t aid mobility, so if you are a wild, energetic couple who likes a little more action in bed, perhaps you may consider adding to your adventures elsewhere!


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