Halloween Safety Tips for 2020
1st October 2020
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Our Top 5 Tips for Halloween Safety in 2020

It’s almost hard to believe we are now in October! This year’s Halloween celebrations were set to be the best weekend ever with the 31st falling on a Saturday for the first time since 2015! However, we are still in the midst of a pandemic meaning some of our plans for celebrating this year have to be adjusted and Halloween safety needs to be top of mind. We sat together and discussed what our plans were going to be to practice Halloween safety this year and decided to share them with you. We do plan to avoid large gatherings and practice social distancing however it is important to find the silver lining when it comes to celebrating Halloween, and this is the one celebration we can really get creative with! 

Essentia’s Top 5 Tips for Halloween Safety

Mask Up, Not Makeup! 

This year opt to get creative with your costumes! Instead of purchasing one, grab the family and get make your own costumes. This year you will want to be sure your costume includes a mask and not a full face of makeup. Think the hamburgular or other cool characters that you can easily integrate the mask as a part of the costume. 

Candy Bags and Arm Grabbers

This one can be a lot of fun! Kids love Halloween because of the candy, and don’t we all love a goody bag? Why not create a bunch of candy bags and hand them out to trick or treaters this year… then we take it up a notch and enforce social distancing by using an arm grabber/reacher to distribute to the trick or treaters. Plus you can always grab one of these cool Halloween candy scoop bags for your child to ensure social distancing. No lots of hands in one bowl, keep social distance and everyone is happy!

Trick-or-Treat Scavenger Hunt 

This is a great idea if your family has multiple children or have a very close family member where everyone has been tested and can keep the gathering small. Hide candy around the house and create clues to find the candy that will then lead to a large jack-o-lantern filled with candy that everyone can share! You can use rhymes, riddles, and little games to help them along to the next step. Yes, the house may get turned upside but Halloween seems like the best time to do it!

Celebrate Outside!

Whether it is trunk or treat, a neighborhood car parade, or a socially distanced neighborhood dance party where each neighbor is in their own yard there are many ways to get creative outside. These ideas allow you to show off your costume as well! This will also help you avoid going into other homes even if they are friends and family. Don’t forget to pack sanitizer. 

Avoid Scary Sleep!

Do you know what is hiding in your traditional spring mattress? The answer will definitely scare you: 

Halloween Safety Tips - Scary Sleep

To practice Halloween safety today and every night you will want to consider upgrading your mattress for allergy-friendly, critter-free sleep. Essentia’s patented natural memory foam mattresses are the perfect sleep surface and can improve your quality of sleep without the use of harsh, dangerous chemicals used in synthetic mattresses that can produce long-lasting health effects. You can learn more about what is hiding in your spring mattress here

Are you going to try any of our Halloween safety tips this year? Have some Halloween safety tips of your own? We want to hear them in the comments! Happy Halloween!

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