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1st April 2020
Health and Wellness

Turn Your Self-Isolation Into a Staycation!

We’re starting the 4th month of 2020 in a precarious situation, it feels like we’re living in a Hollywood blockbuster and even though it’s technically April 1st this isn’t a joke. By now, we’ve all been practicing self-isolation and social distancing for 12 days and in some cases even longer. At this point some of us are starting to feel a bit stir crazy, so we decided to get together and come up with some ideas that will help us look at our home situation a bit differently and make it fun. That’s right, let’s start looking at this as a productive staycation! 

We know staycations aren’t always easy… especially mandatory ones, but here are some ideas to help you enjoy your time at home. 

Self Care
Its time for some self-care! When times are stressful you need to relax. Treat yourself to a bubble bath a few times a week, maybe even a face mask and a fresh nail polish color. After all, these items are way easier to get your hands on than toilet paper! Jokes aside, creating a relaxing ritual for when you log off for the day is something to look forward to. This important step can also help you prepare your mind and body for sleep, and we all know that quality sleep helps to boost our immune system

Host a Netflix Watch Party
Guess what, Netflix has this cool new feature that now allows you to watch together with your friends called Netflix Party. That’s right, you can still host a party!  Netflix has now made it easier than ever to Netflix and chill while practicing social distancing. This neat option even includes group chat so you and your friends can debate your feelings on Carole Baskin #JusticeforDon!

Recipe Testing
This is the perfect time to try that 6-hour bolognese that you’ve been putting off, or even get into the baking game! In fact, you can find a bunch of Facebook groups dedicated to testing recipes so you can swap tips, tricks and even make friends in the process. Did you know that making sourdough bread is true art? A hard one at that. Do you have a recipe you’ve been wanting to try? Share with us in the comments below!

Virtual Happy Hour
Yes, you can still socialize with the help of Zoom, Facetime, Skype, and even Facebook Messenger. In fact, we’ve found that these virtual happy hours encourage us all to have more fun and share more stories. The group conversation is always fun and this way no one gets distracted in the bar.

Commit to Reading
Join a book club or listen to a book club podcast! These days it is easy to access books either on Kindle or Audible and immersing yourself into something other than the news or work can be very freeing for the brain. I’ve recently gotten into the Redheads Bookclub Podcast and the picks so far have been fun and easy to read. We highly recommend engaging in an activity that disconnects you from your devices for a bit. 

Do you have any other great tips on how to turn your stay at home time into a staycation? Please share with us in the comments below. 

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