23rd June 2009
Environmental Policy

US Supreme Court Says Go Ahead and Kill The Fish – It’s OK With Us!


In a distinct reversal from what environmentalists were expecting under the new Obama administration, the United States Supreme Court ruled yesterday in the favour of a US mining company which was seeking permission to dump tailings from a gold mine in Alaska into a lake. An environmental study had concluded that the action would kill all of the fish in the lake, which apparently was just fine with the US Supreme Court.

The vote wasn’t even split down the middle; it was 6-3. This could set a very dangerous precedent as to how mine waste is dumped across the rest of the US.

Coeur d’Alene Mines Corp. was issued a permit by the US Army Corps of Engineers in 2005 to dump 4.5 million tons of waste into Lower Slate Lake from their Kensington mine, just north of Juneau, Alaska. The disputed site is within Tongass National Forest, where it was ruled that the Corps, and not the EPA, have final authority over the matter.

Environmentalists are now hoping that the Obama administration will repeal Bush-era changes to the Clean Water Act that allowed the Corps to issue this permit.

Here is a list of their campaign contributions, most notably all to the Republican Party.

Please find following a full list of their board of directors so that you can put a face to the shame.

Dennis E. Wheeler
Chairman & CEO, Coeur d’Alene Mines Corp.
Shown here opening the NYSE
Here is his Forbes profile, including salary.

Mitchell J. Krebs

Senior Vice President & Chief Financial Officer

Richard M. Weston

Senior Vice President, Operations

Donald J. Birak
Senior Vice President, Exploration
angelos kast russell
Thomas T. Angelos

Senior Vice President & Chief Accounting Officer

Kelli Kast

Senior Vice President, General Counsel and Chief Administrative Officer

Luke J. Russell

Vice President, Environmental Services

lnelson koski cruzat
Larry A. Nelson

Vice President, Human Resources

Kenneth L. Koski


Alfredo Cruzat

Senior Vice President, Exploration, Coeur South America

hardy don grey godfrey
K. Leon Hardy

Senior Vice President, North American Operations

Donald P. Gray

Senior Vice President, South American Operations

Godfrey B. Mramba

Vice President and Managing Director, Coeur Tanzania Ltd.

henderson smathews humberto rada
Thomas C. Henderson

Vice President & General Manager, Kensington Project

Stuart Mathews

Vice President & General Manager, Palmarejo Project

Humberto Rada

President, Coeur South America

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  1. ilovemymom

    K.Leon Hardy is a polluter. He makes $500,000 net annually but was too CHEAP to pay for a $1352.62 cemetery headstone for his very own mother. She lies in a unmarked grave. He was too cheap to buy a $75.00 gravesite for his father to be buried next to his family. All of Coeur d Alene Mine Corporation Management and Directors will kill all wildlife and destroy natural terrain happily for the ENORMOUS salaries they make. D.Wheeler makes 1 million dollars a year. Watch U-Tube to see what Coeur d Alene has done to the lake in Alaska with their Kensington Gold Mine.

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