29th January 2013

Wedding Day Weight Loss Trend: Why Fixate on One Day?

Wedding Day Weight Loss

Do you want to lose those extra pounds before your wedding day?

Every one of my girl friends who has tied the knot recently, or who is about to take her vows for eternity seems to want to jump on the wedding day weight loss trend to lose some weight for the 30 foot walk down the aisle.  Somehow losing more weight when these women are already a healthy weight is “looking your best”…  Odd.

Where did this need to be thinner for the big day come from?  It’s always interesting to see where trends started, no?

wedding day weight

Here are my thoughts:  Really, it isn’t too long ago that this trend to be thinner came about.  I know for one thing, our grandparents didn’t go to the gym 4 days a week for three months before their big day, or see a nutritionist. Diet pills and decreasing caloric consumption, no…

Somehow, being skinnier for your wedding day has become an issue or requirement in the past three or four decades for both the bride and groom. True, a lot of our moms were super skinny; some overly skinny on their big wedding days.  Skinny was in during those days, but that was before society really knew what the skinny body image could do to women and even some men.

Here is my own advice to you… If anything, use your wedding day as a target to be in better shape, not skinnier.  If being in better shape means you lost a couple of dress sizes then fine, but don’t make it your goal.  Living a healthier lifestyle should be something you want to do daily and not just for “THE big day”. And let’s face it with all the tools at our disposal now it’s become way easier to set goals and meet them….yes, there’s even an app for that!

Your future husband loves you just the way you are, and those people who will watch you walk down the aisle love you and simply want you to be happy and healthy.

On that note, may you have many wonderful years with your hubby to be and a memorable wedding day. Don’t worry about your looks, you are beautiful just the way you are!

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