Hybrid Mattress vs All Foam Mattress
1st October 2020
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What is a Hybrid Mattress? Learn the Difference Between Hybrid Mattresses and All-Foam Mattresses

Here at Essentia, we pride ourselves in the performance designs, unique formulas, and quality craftsmanship that delivers the best mattress with our Essentia sleepers in mind. Being recognized for this by the leading independent nonprofit testing and research organization such as Consumer Reports is especially rewarding for the whole Essentia team. That passion and striving for perfection are what has driven our R&D team to create the perfect hybrid mattress. Full transparency, we never considered building a mattress with springs but after much persuasion by consumers, we dove into this mattress segment. Our ambition was to make the best hybrid mattress available and thus we introduced the Essentia Crossover line last year. Let’s dig into what makes the Essentia hybrid mattress stand apart. 

What is a Hybrid Mattress? 

Not everything you see today is truly a hybrid mattress, just because a mattress has foam and springs does not make it a hybrid as a true hybrid uses a larger layer of foam and not fiber batting. A hybrid mattress has a particular feel that offers the slow response of memory foam with the bounciness of a more traditional spring mattress. This means you will experience both pressure relief from the foam layer and the sturdy feel of a spring mattress. 

A mattress that features a fiber layer such as wool or cotton with a tufted top (button or indents sewn into the top of the mattress) isn’t truly considered a hybrid mattress as the comfort layer relies on the fiber layer versus just a foam layer. 

The foam layers of a hybrid mattress improve the feel of an innerspring support core. If there is too thin a layer of foam it won’t make a difference in support but hybrid mattresses with several inches of foam have scored well for performance by independent researchers such as Consumer Reports. 

All-Foam Mattress vs Hybrid Mattress

So what makes a hybrid mattress different from a mattress that is made entirely of foam layers? Good question! First off, an all-foam mattress will always feature a top comfort layer that offers pressure point relief, especially at the shoulders and hips, following this to a transition or support layer made of the highest density foam to enhance durability and support. 

A hybrid mattress replaces this high-density foam support layer with a spring or innerspring support core. This has one advantage as it does offer more edge support than an all-foam mattress. The durability of a hybrid is then based on the spring layer which can lose support after extended use. 

Essentia Hybrid Mattresses

The Essentia R&D team has worked to create foam formulas that when combined with an innerspring core outperform any hybrid mattress on the market. Essentia’s patented natural memory foam offers best in class pressure relief and motion isolation which when coupled with an innerspring core creates a hybrid mattress that offers ultimate absorption of motion transfer and pressure relief. 

Essentia’s patented natural memory foam is extremely adaptable to the curves of the body, and with 2 models we are able to offer a unique feel that sleepers will love. More importantly, unlike other hybrid mattresses, Essentia hybrid mattresses do not cost more than our all-foam mattresses and do not need an additional topper to be comfortable. 

Benefits of the Essentia Hybrid Mattress: 

Unmatched Pressure Relief
You don’t need to add an extra topper to feel the pressure relief of our natural foam comfort layer.

Essentia Hybrid Mattress Pressure Relief

Natural Memory Foam Contour
Essentia’s patented natural memory foam will fill in the negative space between your body and the mattress offering perfect contour for all body types.

Essentia Hybrid Mattress Contour

Proper Spinal Alignment
The recycled steel innerspring support core keeps the back properly aligned. 

Essentia Hybrid Mattress Back Support

Edge Support
You will feel the support of the innerspring core when sitting at the edge of the mattress and never feel like you are rolling off of the mattress. 

Essentia Hybrid Mattress Edge Support

Motion Isolation
Unlike a traditional spring mattress, the natural foam comfort layer of the Essentia hybrid mattress means it absorbs motion transfer. 

Essentia Hybrid Mattress Motion Isolation

With the mid-contour Tatami Hybrid mattress and deep contour, Stratami Hybrid mattress you will find a hybrid mattress fit for all body types whether you prefer a firmer feel that the Tatami Hybrid will offer or the more medium feel of the Stratami hybrid. 

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