21st April 2009
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Which Water Filters Remove Drugs from Water?

On the heels of yesterdays post, we bring you water filters and which ones do and don’t get rid of drugs.  By water filters, we mean the kind you put in your fridge or attach to your kitchen sink, not whole house filtration systems – those are an entirely different ball of wax that we’ll deal with in a couple of days.

Let’s be honest staying hydrated used to be the easiest thing to do, but now we have to be concerned about our most basic life source… our water! You can’t just go grab a drink from the tap now and be ok, we’ve got to worry about drugs and hormones and things that we just don’t normally put in to our bodies on a normal basis contaminating our water. It makes me feel yucky and sick… so now lets take a look at the top 2 filter that will help remove the ickys from our water:


Pur Water Systems
Their tap system has been tested to be 99% effective against pharmaceuticals and their fridge pitcher 96%.

Here is Brita’s statement on the efficacy of their filters.  There is no actual certification on removal of pharmaceuticals from tap water yet, but they say that their tests show a reduction of pharmaceuticals when their filter equipment is used.

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  1. Mike

    We have a Brita filter in our kitchen and we have to change it like every month. Even a new one it won’t purify the water enough. ;(((

  2. Tere Williams

    Solutions, solutions…seems we live in the world wide sector of the consumber researching and finding the best possible solution with the hopes that it will work for this particular need. So we go on and do it not just for ourselves but for All concerned collectively for the humans, pets, not just drinking but showering and bathing as well. we must keep on top of our own all the time.

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