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26th July 2011
In the Media

Whole Foods Resignation Letter Blasts Chains Enviro Credibility

whole foods interior

If you haven’t yet read the viral employee’s resignation letter from a Canadian Whole Foods store, go ahead. Read it. We’ll wait.

After a quick process of elimination, it is pretty apparent that the employee worked at the Toronto Yorkville location, since the TTC doesn’t go all the way out to Oakville. Also, it mirrors a lot of the very same sentiments that a former co-worker of mine had about the Oakville location, minus the personal attacks, which I don’t think help out the former WF employee’s case very much.

He mused that it was purposed more as a high-end gourmet food store than as an environmentally friendly store, and that both customers and management treated the employees there like they were doormats to wipe their Gucci shoes on. But it is interesting to see a former employee blast the environmental credibility of the store in the same way that the media has been for the past couple of years.

If you live in Toronto, the Big Carrot on the Danforth is just down the street from the WF Yorkville location. It’s been in the community a lot longer and actually does research on the products that it carries rather than going for a healthy profit margin. The same is true for most local health food stores. If you don’t have anything else in your area, of course it is better to buy natural and organic than not, but it is important to realize that Whole Foods is using the environment as a marketing tool more and more, especially since they entered into an agreement with Monsanto to not slam them so much. For me, that is the moment they lost their soul and the action that made me permanently boycott them.

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