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14th October 2012
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Why NYC (and everyone else) loves The ING NYC Marathon


new york city marathon 20101








It’s Sunday, and in exactly 3 weeks from today over 45,000 runners plus their friends, families and enthusiastic spectators will descend upon the 5 boroughs for the 42nd annual ING NYC Marathon. Just thinking about it chokes me up. Each year I head down to my local vantage point at 4th Ave. and 5th St. in my neighborhood of Park Slope, Brooklyn and each year it’s the same joyful and emotional experience. You simply can’t help but get caught up in it. I am teary eyed just writing about it.  In a way, it’s like our own version of the Olympics that we get to host each year. It’s the coming together of ALL folks of all ages, races, abilities, and nations (and all the boroughs) to cheer together and root for a single, common, positive cause….the pushing of oneself to achieve a personal goal, the pushing of oneself to extend beyond our comfort zone, take a risk, and go the distance. It’s no small feat and it’s palpable. We can all feel it and understand its value.  In addition, it’s not an everyday thing for thousands upon thousands of people to come together for a single worthy cause and that infectious energy sweeps through the air in the cold November breeze intoxicating, healing, and energizing us all. My brother has now joined the pack as a runner and last year was his first race. He made it to the finish line with exceptional time, grace and courage. Not surprising for me though as he is one of my true heroes in life, but for that one day, so are 45,000 other runners.

If you’ve never been here for the Marathon, it is definitely worth the visit. Just make sure you have somewhwere to stay worked out well in advance. Hotels are completly booked even a year ahead. Here’s all the info you’ll need including lots of good tips for fitting in like a local 🙂

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