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3rd June 2010

Win an Energie Opus Mattress worth 3k+

sleepy girl

You have a chance to win a 3k+ mattress from Essentia.

We’re throwing a contest and Essentia’s Energie Opus queen size natural memory foam mattress is up from grabs.

How do you Participate?
Give us your sob story…..why do you deserve the Energie?

Submit any way possible.

We’ll read your sob stories on your blog, in your e-mails, even your hand written letters.

We’ll watch your YouTube videos and check out those pics of you exhausted, looking your worst on Flickr. You can even start a Facebook poll and get your friends to vote for you. Everything goes.

The most creative wins! Contest ends July 10th.

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Brittney Smith won. Congratz Britney!

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  1. Sue

    What a great contest, when is the deadline to submit?

  2. Jason

    Contest ends June 28th.

    You have 3 full weeks to give us the best you got!

  3. Stefanie

    Ever since I can remember I have dreaded going to sleep, because I am such a light sleeper and never get more than a few hours just tossing and turning. When I moved away to college I spent the limited money I had on a hard futon mattress and almost 15 years later, I have the same mattress. I wake up exhausted from the night with backaches and for once would love to have a great night of relaxation and wake up refreshed. I would love to enjoy napping and sleeping and actually dream by winning this mattress. I can’t afford to splurge on myself, so this mattress would be something that would help me feel better and do better in life everyday. I would love to win a prize and wake up refreshed and revitalized with this mattress.


  4. Sarah Schroede

    We have been trying to go more green in our house and have made small changes … It sure would be nice to change out our ten year old mattress for a new Eco friendly one. No more backaches, no more squeaking, no more restless nights. We sure could use a new mattress!

  5. Katie

    Well I think we deserve a new mattress because the one we have is all tore up. Its bee peed on by our kids , thrown up on and no telling what has been spilled on it. We don’t have any money to purchase a new mattress or even a good used one for that matter. We had actually bought the one we have from a friend who was moving and didn’t need it anymore. Neither one of us has actually ever had a new mattress. My husband came from a family with 9 kids so never any new mattress’s there and my parents had got the one I had from my cousins once they got new ones. I would love to feel what it is like to sleep on a new mattress especially a new memory foam one.

  6. Terry

    Oh to wake up without a roaring headache that takes hours to go away!

    I need a new mattress desperately. One that doesn’t ooze chemical smells and give me a dizzying headache and nausea that last half the day. I long to wake up refreshed and renewed, ready to take on a new day!

    The mattress that I shared with my late husband of 30 years was infected with bedbugs by his home health aide. He had cerebral palsy. So I had to throw out the mattress along with the our bed.

    Since my mom is going on 90 years old, we decided to move in together and I am trying to set up our house.

    The mattress I just bought is giving me those intense headaches and I have to return it and look for a new one.

    How absolutely amazed I was to find your website describing your wonderful green mattresses, what an education! It was something I never thought to research before purchasing a mattress.

    Please consider me as the winner of your give-away mattress contest.

    I know that the person you select will be sleeping pretty for sure!

    Keep up the great work!



    hi! I will love to win the Essentia’s Energie Opus queen size natural memory foam mattress ,because my girlfriend will never stop nagging me for changing my mattress please let me win the mattress for her to stop and love me more.
    thanks in advance

  8. jeremy

    I’ll just get right to the point.I haven’t been able to find a steady full time job since the recession started. my gf kicked me out of our house and I can’t afford a new bed right now, so I’m sleeping on my carpet in a sleeping bag.

  9. Kevin Maas

    We are in desperate need of a new mattress. A good mattress. My wife and I have been sleeping on the same mattress since we got married 8 years ago. It started out as an okay mattress, but then we had kids.

    I know it’s TMI, but my wife breastfed and leaked….all over our mattress. We tried cleaning it out with borax, hydrogen peroxide, bleach, all sorts of cleaners, and it never really looked okay. Then as our kids grew up, they’d climb into our bed at night. Sometimes they’d have pee accidents (OMG!) and sometimes they’d vomit.

    Again with the wet dry vac, again with the chemicals. It’s totally gross. Each time I change the sheets I shutter in disgust and quickly get a new sheet on the mattress so I don’t have to “see” what I can’t see. Know what I mean?

    But unfortunately, it gets worse. I’m not saying my wife was an elephant when she was pregnant, but let’s just say we had both gained a few during those precious months and somehow between our fitful moments of interrupted sleep, we managed to change the entire shape of our mattress.

    Let’s just say our mattress isn’t really horizontal anymore – it’s kind of like a rainbow trying to lie down and get comfy. Except you can’t really be comfy on a bed like this. Well, you can sink down into your cavern but don’t dare try to roll over and be intimate with your partner.

    The “rainbow” arched mattress has quite the bump in the center. It’s sad, it’s pathetic, and we really should get off our lazy rumps and buy a new mattress.

    But then you end up spending the money on something for your kids, and they run in and pee on your bed.

    I’d love to win a new mattress. My wife and I would sleep a whole lot better. We might even be intimate with each other again! Whoa – scratch that. We don’t want to create any more milk leakage, vomit hurling, or peeing. If we win the mattress, we’ll be sure to buy a mattress protector and um… use protection. Lol

  10. melody_yesterday

    I need this mattress because I’m the Queen of my own small planet.
    And Queens should have the very best.
    (as I am sure you know)

  11. Jenna Wood

    Oh boy, my hubby snores so loud you can hear him outside, on the other side of the house, doors closed. I am not exaggerating in the least. Most of the time I can’t even get any sleep on the couch! Perhaps a nice memory foam mattress would help him sleep sounder? Or at least help me get the most out of what few Zzzzs I can catch here and there?

    six_one_nine_girlie86 (at) yahoo (dot) com

  12. Nicole

    Dear Fresh Fuzz and Essentia,

    Nicole desperately need a new mattress. She bought me for $50 more than 10 years ago. Before that, I lived with a family friend for who knows how many years. I’ve lived in 7 different places with Nicole…that means I’ve been dragged down stairs, hoisted over railings, shoved through doors, and squished in moving vans at least 7 times! It has been a good life and Nicole has maintained her weight (thankfully), but my time has come and I’d love to retire. Please send my replacement!

    Worn out mattress

  13. tinycandi

    I suffer from multiple health issues which makes sleep difficult. I have scoliosis which causes pretty severe back pain so sleeping on an uncomfortable mattress doesn’t help. Not only that, but I suffer the symptoms of MS and it is very difficult for me to get to sleep due to pain and abnormal sensations. So a comfortable mattress like this would be amazing!

  14. Bonny S.

    Wow, what an awesome contest.
    I need a new mattress so bad!
    If you look under my mattress I have newspaper, card board, blankets and pillows, because it sags so bad. I am not getting any sleep, because I just can’t get comfy. It about 15 years old and it sure feels like it.

  15. Ranay

    I recently moved back to the USA, and after sleeping on the floor for a month (no joke) I searched and searched for a used mattress. When discovering one on craigslist I was overjoyed! A mattress Wahooo!!! But when meeting it for the first time, it was nothing but a cruel trick. The mattress had more stains than a babies cloth diaper- there was even rust stains where the grommets barely held on in there sad state, deteriorating before my very eyes!!! The next few prospects came to the same sad end… they just wouldn’t do their future was destined, they would only keep the rats warm at night at the dump.
    The problem you see, was not only a mattress, you see. My mother-in-law was coming! and soon you see!! Frantically I looked, I needed a mattress. So with my jobless budget, I found a mattress. The cheapest of cheapest I think perhaps the not to be mentioned box store might pass on this specimen. The price was right, but my back you see is not so right. So I ask you, please help a poor back out I need a mattress without all those nasty chemicals, without those names of things I cannot pronounce, and cannot find the definition in my super-duper sized dictionary. So what does this all mean? Well that is easy, you see! I need an Essentia mattress, so my dreams really will be a dream! please.

  16. Call Me Pretty

    Thanks for the Giveaway!

    I deserve Essentia’s Energie Opus queen size natural memory foam mattress because I married a man that tosses and turns so much that he’s caused our standard matress to sag in places and it’s only 2 years old!

  17. Lisa Catania

    Dear Essentia,

    Make our sweet dreams a reality with a new Energie Opus Essentia. Last year, we went through the most agonizing experience, which led us to spend nearly $5,000.00 on chemical treatments for our home. It all started when I accepted a job at a luxury resort in British Columbia. I traveled across the country by car to take this position and had to fly back to Toronto on a whim, leaving all of my valuables behind. Saving the best part for last…
    The reason for all of this, is due to the fact that I accepted a room in employee staffing. I had not had this type of experience before, so I did not know what to expect. After spending well over a month (close to two) in staff housing, my skin became noticeably itchy with tiny red marks. Without hesitation, I booked a flight back to Toronto. After arriving home; I had more than 100 tiny red spots on the front of my body (mostly stomach). Then one morning, I was getting out of the shower and I noticed this strange looking bug on the bathroom wall of our townhouse. I stared at it for a few minutes until reality set in. Could it be a bed bug? My boyfriend came to take a look and did not have a clue what it was. I spent the whole night researching the possibilities. It was the real deal, it was in fact a bed bug. The next day my boyfriend and I realized that we would have to sort through all of our clothing and put everything into plastic bags. We would also need to have the entire house exterminated. I had never been so overwhelmed before! After six months of complete chaos (picking clothing out of plastic bags to get dressed), we decided to sell the house. Two years later, we are the proud owners of a bug free home in Toronto. To have actually gone through such a traumatizing event, I can tell you that a brand new Essentia would erase all of the bad memories and make room for the new.

  18. David

    Hey there… I’m really needing to enter this contest and here’s why.

    My wife and I, who is almost 7 months pregnant, sleep on a full size bed. The mattress is 15 years old and bows in the middle. I’m 33 and have back problems since I was 12 years old and my lower back hurts literally every single day. I’ve got two bulging discs in my lower lumbar region and have been under a chiropractor’s care since I was 13.

    My wife, as pregnant as she is, cannot get a good nights rest because of the bow in the mattress. We always roll towards each other every night, multiple times a night.

    Also, when our TWINS are born, we’d love to be able to put at least one of them i the bed with us if they are having a restless night. With the mattress we have now that would be impossible.

    My chiropractor has suggested a memory foam mattress for years, but I’ve never been able to afford one. I did get a couple of memory foam pillows a couple of years ago and having a similar mattress would make both of our lives easier.

    Please feel free to visit our blog for verification on our upcoming twins. I can even produce chiropractic records if needed. 🙂

    I’d do anything it takes.

    Oh, another thing… it takes me about 45 minutes to an hour to fall asleep at night. I don’t know of a way I could prove that except to video myself trying to go to sleep… again, I’d do anything you required.

    We have a queen size bed frame in storage we could use with this bed. My parents could give us a queen boxspring.

    We need this desperately. For me, for my wife and for our twins. They need mommy and daddy to be in tip top shape. These are our first children. Anything that would help us feel better and have more ‘Energie’ would just be a true blessing.

    Thanks and God Bless!

  19. Ryan

    Why I should be picked for this mattress? I got rid of my old bed, thinking I was going to go buy a new one later that week. The next day, I got laid off from my job.
    So now…for far longer than I would care to admit to, I…am….”sleeping”…on…a…COT.
    Please….please help.

  20. Kathleen Bergen

    I honestly think that my mattress might end my relationship with my significant other.

    I’m not joking.

    I just can’t seem to get used to dodging springs, sleeping with my head at the footboard, and participating in late-night contortionist acts in an attempt to get comfortable on our awful mattress. He’s made it pretty clear he doesn’t enjoy the kicking, thrashing, and throwing of elbows that occurs every night on account of my discomfort.

    Some nights I just give up and go sleep on the couch. It’s sad when a sticky leather sofa is more comfortable than a bed, if you ask me. Plus, he always thinks I’m secretly mad about something when I get up and storm downstairs in the middle of the night!!!

    We need a new mattress, clearly, but it’s just not an expense that is in our budget right now! I shattered my left wrist and right elbow this year. I’d like to blame that on the mattress as well. I was walking down the stairs, half-asleep, to make coffee in the hopes of getting through my workday without passing out… Tripped and fell. Maybe if I were more alert I would’ve maintained my balance! (Ok, maybe I’m pushing it…) Still, disability checks at a portion of my normal pay-rate don’t cover a new mattress!!!

    Save my relationship, and spare me future injuries with a new mattress!

  21. Erin

    Three years ago I was so broke that I was forced to purchase an aero-bed, which I slept on for a full year. About six months in, it got an unstoppable leak. I would plug one hole, go to sleep, and wake up on the floor as more leaks formed. Eventually I had to cart the bed back to Maryland (I was living in Canada at the time) to exchange it and take it back to Toronto. When I eventually moved back to the States, my parents (having just purchased a lovely mattress for themselves) took pity on me and offered their 25 year old queen mattress. For the past two years my fiance and I have slept on this mattress, adding a foam cushion to protect our backs from the aging springs. The foam slides in the night, usually halfway off the bed, leaving us more uncomfortable that if we had left it off in the first place. The sliding foam moves our pillows and drops our heads down below our shoulders, giving my fiance in particular horrible neck and back pains when he wakes up. Additionally, we recently got a puppy who likes to climb up in bed when we’re not looking. A few days ago he burrowed down below the blankets and mattress pad to throw up on the mattress itself. My fiance and I are getting married in November and just cannot afford to replace our mattress. Our sleep is suffering, causing us to sleep on the couch more and more! As this is completely unacceptable, we would be thoroughly grateful for a brand new mattress that no one has ever slept on before!

    Thanks for the opportunity!
    Erin and Jim

  22. Linze!

    I am in desperate need of a new mattress. My current one is leaving me with a stiff neck and achy back and joints every morning. It’s not fair! I lead a very busy life. I don’t have time to suffer with back pain and headaches each and every day. Help me break away from sleeping on the floor and give me a good night’s sleep!

  23. Teresa

    I have had my mattress for many years and it now hurts my back when sleeping. I think I really need a new one but do not have the money for one. I really hope I will get some help with this problem!

  24. Jennifer

    I deserve this awesome mattress because my current one is horrible! Plain and simple.

    So horrible, that both my husband and I have been sleeping on the couch in the living room! When you sleep on our mattress, you actually wake up with what feels like bruises all over you!

    To make matters worse, I am pregnant with triplets, and stuck on bed rest…. problem is, my bed hurts… so technically, I am stuck on couch rest! This would make my life so much better…. as well as everyone else around me! ha!

  25. Melinda R

    I moved to San Diego almost 4 years ago with whatever could fit in my sedan. The first couple nights I slept on an air mattress. I didn’t have a job and didn’t know how long I was going to stay so I didn’t want to spend a lot of money. I went to Ikea and bought a queen-sized mattress/box spring combo (single entity that is basically a glorified futon pad). When I moved in with my boyfriend, we decided to use my bed since his was a saggy, full-sized mattress. My parents got me a foam mattress cover but this hasn’t solved the problem. It’s too soft for my boyfriend but if we take it off, I wake up every morning with back pain. We’re saving up to buy a house so we don’t have the money to upgrade now.

  26. Sara

    I have one of the most uncomfortable mattresses on the planet. It keeps sinking in on one side no matter how many times I flip or turn it. It is SO uncomfortable and has become very thin over the past few years. I have tried egg crates, pillow tops and tempurpedic mattress covers, but none of them ease the awful state of it. I wake up several times a night and never can say that I got a “good night sleep”. I save every dollar I have to pay for college tuition, so a new mattress is no where in sight. I hope to get married in the next few years, so a new mattress would be such a blessing to already have when that happens. Coming from a larger family and divorced parents, I never had the chance to experience the feeling of sleeping on a new mattress since I was always at the end of hand-me-down chain (which is where my current mattress came from). Please make my dreams come true and my back aches go away. Thank you!

  27. Beth Warren

    I desperately need a new mattress. I have a chronic illness, diagnosed in junior high, which causes chronic pain. I have such a hard time sleeping, that I once got a new mattress and had to give it away after a year, and even the replacement mattress is not very good (I can feel springs, it’s no more than 5-6 yrs old). I’m starting medical school this summer and moving out, and am worried about how my health will be with the long hours of medical school but I wanted to help other kids with similar health problems. Having a good matress that would help me get a good nights sleep would be a dream come true, especially since I will be having huge loans and can’t afford to buy a really nice mattress.

  28. Karen Thaeter

    I have arthritis and cant get a good nights sleep.I have tried the feather toppers and foam toppers,I am tired of tossing and turning all night long!

  29. Holly Jones

    I have been trying to convince my husband to upgrade to a king sized mattress. My current queen sized mattress is getting older and isn’t giving me the support I need. I wake up stiff and sore. I go to a chiropractor every 2 weeks who is trying to realign my pelvis and I don’t think that the sleeping situation is helping. I had to have a c-section with my first baby because my pelvis was crooked. I’m trying to fix that so I can have a vaginal delivery next time. I would love to see if a new mattress would help the chiropractic adjustment hold. thanks

    Holly Jones

  30. traci smith

    hi, my sob story is a true story,i am not much of a writer but will try and keep this short , we live on disability so we dont have the money to go out and purchase a bed of this quality, of any quality actually.we have a king size bed , its terrible , has a feeling like i am sleeping on rocks! spend as much time sleeping as i do waking up trying to find a comfortable spot.we both have back problems, he wakes up in the middle of the night and has to go put ben gay on his neck and shoulders its so bad.the really bad part is that we got this bed from someone who knew someone.so it was used to begin with, but the bad and disgusting part is that we were told that the person who had it used drugs so they couldnt say if any were in the bed , of course cleaned the bed with a carpet steamer, and got a matress cover but still it feels icky and nothing else i can do about it, unless i am lucky enough to win this one, thank you , traci

  31. Sheila White

    read my singing, begging and pleading on your facebook page…..PICK ME…

  32. teresa

    What a great contest, your beds sound wonderful. It would be wonderful to win a new quality mattress, ours was the cheapest model they had and as the saying goes you get what you pay for. Anyway after having 5 kids I would really like a good nights sleep and your mattress sounds like the way to go.

  33. Anne Taylor

    I’m in Canada, so not sure if I’m eligible, but I had to take a chance, because this mattress is fan-freaking-tastic!!!
    I have psoriatic arthritis and fibromyalgia; hubby had a bad car accident a few years ago and his back has never been the same. We sleep on an old, lumpy mattress which I’ve covered in various mattress pads and a feather bed topper. My arthritis also forces me to place pillows under my back, between my legs and under my rib cage.

    Hubbs sleeps with a Cpap machine with pillows under his knees.

    Neither of us look forward to going to bed. I remember, many moons ago, wanting to go to bed; just laying there for the heck of it because I was so comfy………I yearn for those days; I day dream for those days!

    I would get on my knees and grovel, but you couldn’t see me and, well, frankly, I couldn’t get up from that position because it would be to painful.

    Please don’t hate me because I’m Canadian lol

    Good luck to everyone and thanks for reading my rant (kinda)


  34. V

    My boyfriend and I sleep on an air mattress as we can’t afford a real mattress. Unfortunately, the air mattress has holes that we can’t find it in or repair so it ends up deflating midway through our sleep so we have to re-inflate it midway through the night or in the morning. It’s really bad on our backs.

  35. Kristen Whitesides

    Ours has to be one of the saddest sob stories when it comes to sleeping situations. My boyfriend and I have been using his old bed which is about 20 years old and as hard as a brick. Being a current college student and having other bills to pay, we can’t afford a nice comfy mattress, so we’ve tried quite a few “at home remedies” to try and heal our aching backs. Many of these solutions have resulted in sacrificing our use of our living room couch for sleeping pleasure. At one point we took all the cushions from our L shaped couch and, like a jigsaw puzzle, tried to fit them on top of the mattress. Even a half hour putting this together every night, a bed 20 feet off the ground, and cracks and crevices everywhere for you to get lost in during the night was a little upgrade from the hard mattress. Recently we’ve tried using a closet find from my parents’. We found a small twin size foam mattress topper that we’ve added to the puzzle. So, on our full size bed we have a twin size foam topper and the leftover mattress? Yep, couch cushions to cover the rest. We fight over who gets the foam side of the bed every night as the hanging off the edge couch cushions are no comparison, but again, better than the hard mattress alone…I hope you can feel our (back) pain through this story and ease our (aching) troubles with a new mattress! 🙂

    With much appreciation of your consideration in picking ME as the Essentia mattress winner and new happy sleeper,

  36. Carl Hofflander

    I want to win the mattress for my parents. When I was about 6 years old my dad got into a motorcycle accident and my mom was driving us back from the store and we saw him laying under a motorcycle in a pool of his own blood. The hospital put steel in his knee that was supposed to come out a few months later, but they never took it out. Now his back and hip are very bad because of it. I take care of my parents (neither of them can help the other up when they fall down) and am not going to move out till I can get my dad surgery, and my mom to a good doctor for her health problems. It’d be great if he had a good bed. I don’t know how much it would help him, but it would be nice.

  37. colleen t.

    I am entering to win the mattress for my parents. The mattress that they currently have is over 30 years old. My dad has allergies to many things including wool fabrics. They tell me how uncomfortable their mattress is and my dad has back pain from not having any support from the mattress. I would love to be able to buy them one but I just don’t have the money. I would love to win this high quality mattress for them. It would be a wonderful gift. Thanks for the chance.

  38. B Smith

    Can I tell you that I am so tired! Exhausted?!

    My husband got our mattress when he was in High School…..it is over 20 years old!!!

    Please, oh please, let us win this…..it is just tragic that we still have this old mattress!!!

  39. Schmitt

    There is a big green monster that lives in my closet and he says that he’ll eat me if I don’t win this mattress. I don’t want to get eaten! Please help me!

  40. Chavon

    Two weeks ago I woke to some lower back pain. A sharp pain that kicks in when I bend, sit, or lay certain ways, but goes away pretty quickly once I’ve found a nice spot. It doesn’t bother me when I walk or move, save for the aforementioned (bending/sitting). The pain isn’t great, but it’s enough to make me not want to bend over to pick something up or lie in my bed. It also makes riding in my friends geo-storm a.. Well for the lack of a better term, a pain in the back.

    My immediate focus to the cause is set on two things: my sitting behavior and my old bed. My computer has a TV tray-like table that I use to enjoy putting my legs up on for short durations – basically until my rear end cheeks felt numb, to which I would stop. I did this a lot and never felt any pain from it, save for a bit of an achy bum once in a while. I like to think it contributes to my problem as it isn’t really a natural way to sit, but in truth, I don’t believe it to be the main cause.

    My old bed is number one on my probable-cause list. I’ve had the bed for centuries.. Or more accurately, 8+ years. Over such time, a large dent was forged in the center of the bed where my mass typically laid. It’s been there for at least a year and I never felt a problem with it until two weeks ago when I woke with the pain described above.

    I don’t understand what kind of damage it’s inflicting to my body by sleeping on a caved-in mattress. Although I know it’s time I purchase a new bed, I am beginning to worry that I may have to wait until January and don’t know if my pain will literally cripple me.

    For my personal information: I’m 29, new business owner, mom of 5, and student. I make little money as I started a business on a shoe string budget. I would just love to get a nights rest without pain to help me become more productive and a non-ailing parent.

    With all sincerity.

    You also have a new fan!

  41. Ruksana

    I had 2 C- Sections and have severe back pain since then.I always dreamed of sleeping on a mattress.But due to some financial conditions I could not afford a mattress and I sleep on floor.Tossing and turning is also hard for me because I have a stiff back when I sleep on floor .My back hurts too much. A day never passed without me wishing for a proper sleep. I try to stay awake as long as I can during nights because sleeping on the floor makes my back pain worse and it takes some time for me to be normal with all cramps and pains.Everyone is not happy with me staying up for long during nights.I cannot tell everyone the main reason behind my staying awake.If I could buy and have enough money I will first buy a mattress and will have a sound sleep for at least 6 hrs at a stretch 🙂 I hardly sleep for 3 hrs during nights because of my back pain and the floor is so hard that I want to avoid it once for all.But it is not possible to do so.I need proper rest after a tiring day with 2 kids at home . I really wish some miracle happens and I get a Mattress. I already bought a comforter like 6 months back but no mattress to sleep on well.I really really wish and pray for a sound good night sleep on a mattress.I cannot sleep on floor due to my health conditions.The worst part is my baby who is 22 months old also sleeps on floor with me.

  42. nancy

    I donated my bed to someone that really had nothing and was moving into a new rented place trying to start over, i figured hey i have a comfy couch, errr turns out not so much.

    My neck and back have been messed up ever since. Still i don’t regret it for a second, but a bed would be awesome.

  43. Kristina Holland

    Oops! I posted your link the first time… Here is the video I made for my parents =) Thanks so much!


  44. Shane Wells

    I am 36 years old and have never had a serious romantice relationship. It’s really all I ever wanted out of life, and now I see middle age fast approaching and no man in sight. To make it even worse, I get asked on a regular basis either why I’m single or how can someone with all I have to offer be single? HELLO!!??? What a stupid question! If I knew that, then I wouldn’t be freakin’ single for my entire life! Maybe this isn’t the most tragic thing but it often seems like it to me.

  45. Megan Greenlaw

    I saw this on TKL website and although my husband and I could really use a mattress that wasn’t a hand-me-down, I would rather win this mattress for my Dad, he really deserves it! October 2009 he got really sick(and he never gets sick) when he finally got in to see the doctor he was told that they thought he had H1N1, well that turned into pneumonia and because he was so sick he layed in bed for weeks and developed a clot in his leg. He was taken in for a “routine” surgery and was told he would be home for dinner, when he woke up 48 hrs later he had gone thru 3 surgeries one resulting in a fasciotomy (look it up, pretty scary stuff). They did save his leg however he would not regain the feeling in it because of the damaged muscle. Over the next 5 months little by little he gain some strength and was able to get around some on his own, but because of his disability was no longer able to work as a self employed well driller, so he has not been getting paid. He had come to terms with that and was living life the best he could. Meanwhile he was having to care for his open wounds with the help of my mom. In March he started having trouble with his foot so he went back to the hospital where he went thru the same 3 surgeries again and another fasciotomy. Meanwhile my grandfather entered the hospital from complications from cancer, so Dad was on one floor my grandfather on the other. My grandfather passed and the next day they told us my Dads leg was dying and that they would need to amputate below the knee, but because it was below the knee he would be able to be fitted for a prosthetic fairly quickly, well it was worst the they thought when they got in there so he woke up to an above the knee amputation. Still my Dad has managed to stay positive! Over the next week he began to decline, he had terrible fevers, shaking, etc that is when we learned that he had developed C-Diff infection from being in the hospita for so long, but the time they figured out what it was his kidneys had shut down and they told us they weren’t sure he was strong enough to survive the surgery, so we called all the family in and he pulled through but because the infection was so bad his colon was removed and he was given an Ileostomy bag. At this point I was heartbroken and my whold family was broken, except for Dad, he was just determined! He stayed in ICU until he was ready to go rehab to learn how to brush his teeth again, learn how to get around with one leg and how to care for his Ileostomy.He was out of the hospital for a few weeks when he developed an infection is his stump and had to have another surgery. So as of right now he has had 10 surgeries and he is coming back home today! So this may not be the best sob story and I hate to complain but my dad has been through a lot and I thought it would be pretty neat to win something for him. Thanks for listening!

  46. Pat Houston

    My son really needs a bed, he just moved here from Arkansas and lost all of his furniture in a divorce

  47. LIona Shareing

    7 yrs ago I developed sub acute toxic hepatitis from the chemical outgassing of cheap acrylic primer & paint. Due to wet weather it wouldn’t stop outgassing. (it was almost build an ark time, 3 months of non stop raining) I ended up sleeping in a tent outside since I couldn’t sleep in my cottage. I had chelation, did all manner of detoxing, acupuncture, herbal treatments. Slowly I recovered my health but it was never really strong again.

    Then we moved to a new house that my husband purchased without my being there. The woman used glade plug ins, room perfumes for 10 yrs. Her husband had died a few months before it was sold and I wonder if that may have been one of the causes since it is so toxic. I used baking soda on the rugs, then vacumed 24 hrs later, had the rugs cleaned by a eco friendly company.

    The house was also fumigated for termites 5 days before we moved in. I have recently found out that the effects do not go away as claimed in 48 hrs.

    I wanted a new organic mattress, but my husband decided not to believe the claims, and bought a top of the line sweda that made green claims, but was made with memory foam and fire retardants.

    We also bought some other new wood furniture that is outgassing as well.
    He also arranged to have bamboo flooring installed, using no voc glue, but there is something in the flooring that is causing me to have very bad symptoms.

    Well the combination of all the chemicals has put my body into a deep state of chemical sensitivity.
    I have heart palpetations, a heavy feeling in my chest, anxiety, nausea, shortness of breath, fatigue, headaches and fear of not getting well again.
    My acupuncturist told me that there is a weakness in my heart channel that if it gets worse to go to the doctor or call 911.

    We haven’t got any more money left to buy a new mattress, everything went into getting this house, furniture and the flooring.
    I will not be able to work as a massage therapist till I am well. I haven’t the energy I need for myself, let alone to help someone else feel better.
    I am trying to find solutions to the mattress voc’s but so far the concences is to get a new organic mattress.

    winning an organic mattress would be a dream come true for helping me regain my health

  48. Tracy R

    Like every deserving entry, we need a new mattress, too. My husband leaves for work at 3 am, drives 1-1/2 hours to work, then drives a truck, then drives 1-1/2 hours to come home, usually around 6, 7, or 8 pm at night depending on traffic. He needs a good night’s sleep to protect himself and others while he is on the road. To keep his job, he HAD to take a pay cut. He had bad discs in his back and the doctor recommended a memory mattress, however, as most people, we can’t afford one. This is a wonderful contest! Sure will make someone extremely happy!

  49. Tiffany Pettey

    my mattress could be used as a torturing device… its like the concrete in jail or even like being homeless sleeping on a park bench except its inside and has covers…. we need one because we cannot afford one so if we win at least we can sleep like we are rich

  50. marilyn

    well where do I start.. I have a king size mattress that was given to me 15 years ago.The person I got it from had young kids so you know there’s plenty of pee stains. I don’t have a bed frame so it sits on the floor,I am a widow and just can’t afford a mattress, living on a widows pension plus supplement , 1,100 after the rent food and so on just can’t do so I do wish I win

  51. Shannon Rose

    Well today is my birthday although I’m not sure how many more of these I’ll see. I have cancer, Reoccurring Hurthle Cell Carcinoma, a type that has no cure and no treatment to speak of. I’ve had to sell everything we have to pay doctors to poke n prod me so now, my 3 kids and I live in less than 300 square feet in a reclaimed 1983 bus that we now call home. We’re converting ourselves, as we go along and this has proven to be a LOT of work. My boys got the only “bedroom” so I sleep on an old donor futon in the front room and it’s VERY uncomfortable. I don’t think it’s gonna hold up much longer so I’ll have to find a replacement of some sort soon. It sure would be lovely to have a comfy place to sleep at nice….just to GET some sleep would be nice.

    Well, you asked for a sob story and although it wasn’t very creative, it was true and dammit, I need a bed! LOL
    Peace, love, n raw food

  52. Lisa Lafantaisie

    My sons, daughter, husband and myself have been affected so badly from mould exposure that our littlest son Kozzy had pneumonia twice and my husband was so depressed he couldn’t work for two years. Since we’ve moved we bought a new mattress for my husband and I, and my husband has gotten better, but my son still has breathing issues. We do not have mould but little 3 year old Kozzy is so sensitive now it’s horrible. He is congested, still funny and happy, but his little lungs are not the same.
    He’s in need of a natural mattress that he can roll around in and sleep soundly on. He is terrific and cute as cute can be, I just pray to God that his breathing is a strong as a bull one day. We have him running and screaming and anything that may increase his lung strength. And a mattress free of toxins would be perfect for him. Please choose us. We need it.
    Thank you,
    Lisa Lafantaisie

  53. Ashley Domest

    I need a new Energie because I got our mattress back when I was pregnant with our first child and now being pregnant with out third, six years later I really need a good night sleep on a great bed.

  54. Kevin E

    We deserve a new Essentia Energie Opus queen size natural memory foam mattress. I hope to win a new mattress using the “gross out” approach! My wife was pregnant with twins when her water broke in bed. The twins (2 boys!) are almost 3 years old now, and unfortunately we still have the same mattress! Eeeww! To make matters worse, the kids use out bed as a trampoline to make it extra uncomfortable. Please help!!!

  55. Tsali Jordan-Metheney

    Hey Dudes! My name is Tsali and I am sending this to you on behalf of my Mom and Dad. They lived in a camper for 3 years while they built our super cool house. Do you know how uncomfortable mattresses are in campers?! I think Mom bought every possible egg crate foamy thing to put on them to try and get any bit of comfort.

    The mattress that they are using currently is one of those super cheap kind that is wafer thin. I think my dog bones are thicker. My Dad works in the outdoor industry and travels a whole lot and has to sleep in motels. Super horrible mattresses! And he drives a whole bunch which makes his back feel so bad and he says it is making him old before his time. Dad and I get our best sleep on the sofa because it is far more comfortable than the bed. And Mom goes to bed before Dad and I just to try and get a bit more sleep because Dad rolls and rolls from discomfort.

    Throw them a bone and consider blessing them with this totally awesome environmentally friendly sleeping spot! Oh, did I mention that I live on 27 acres of beautiful land where my Mom grows veggies for us organically. Yeah, I dig my fruit and veg. Technically, I am a “Vegametarian” ! Heck, my dog bed is more comfy than their bed.
    Peace out,


  56. traci smith

    to whom it may concern
    I am writing this letter to you about my bed and how bad it is;
    once upon a time this bed was in great shape and was the best bed throughout the land, all the kids loved to sleep upon this bed and it was just perfect for all three of us papa, mama, and grandson (not that grandson really cared at 1 year old he loved to sleep anywhere) this perfect bed traveled all over the land through many years of moves you would have thought the fairy god mother had placed a spell upon it so that it would stay new forever but alas through no fault of the owners the bed somehow fell out of favor with the fairy god mother and the spell upon this bed started to wear off. at first it was barely noticeable but over time papa and mama saw the sides slowly start to sag down no longer was rotating the mattress helping it then the inner coils started protesting, this also started out barely noticeable at first a tiny mouse like squeak here and there every once in awhile all during this time papa and mama noticed they was starting to wake up in the morning a little bit stiff which they attributed to being out of disfavor with the fairy god mother . then one night as peace reigned through the house the night was torn asunder by a terrible shriek that awoke the whole household. mama checked and was sure it wasn’t her who shrieked , papa checked and was likewise sure he didn’t let out this terrible noise and grandson was carefully checked and he likewise was fine, no one could find the source of this noise until the grandson rolled over and the bed groaned and moaned but alas nothing could be done for this poor bed, so now at night the bed moans and groans and alas papa and mama crawl out of bed in the morning and lay on the floor because they are in pain and to stiff to move. you may ask about grandson that is the most tragic tale of all he now has to sleep all alone in his crib because the noise from the mattress keeps him awake and makes him tired and cranky which in turn makes everyone else even more cranky.

  57. Leslie B

    My husband and I desperately need a new mattress. I am a few days shy of being 22 and I am starting to have bad back problems from our mattress. The coils in our old mattress poke me all over at night and I have been waking up with massive headaches. This would be an amazing blessing as it will be probably 5 + years before we could ever afford a new one. Thanks for the opportunity!

  58. Sara Peschel

    Since adopting my rescue greyhound two years ago I find myself being pushed off the bed or jammed between her and the wall on a nightly basis. A new, larger mattress would be heavenly. It would be especially divine to have an eco friendly mattress.

  59. Natalie Vanderheiden

    Our mattress is 27 years old! We were going to replace it, but my husband got laid off last September, and my business is really slow in this economy so we can’t even cover the bills never mind buy anything new. I’m disabled and have spent 95% of my time for almost 10 years stuck in bed. We REALLY need a new mattress!

  60. Jill H

    I deserve to win this for my son. He has always been willing to sleep on whatever mattress I was able to afford for him and he has never had one this nice. We would be eternally grateful for your kindness in granting us this win! <3

  61. Karla Noakes

    Gosh a new bed?! I can’t imagine how incredible that would be! It would be a bit of heaven on earth to have my husband not stiff or hurting when he wakes up. The man works his fanny off, but a new bed won’t fit the budget for who knows how long. I hope someone wonderful and happy wins! 🙂

  62. Kerrie Gregory

    Our home flooded 2 days ago and we have no flood insurance!! We have 3 boys (the baby sleeps in our bed) and could really use a new mattress. A rare flash flood rushed through our neighborhood filling our home with dirty water. We have removed the carpet and as much wet things as possible. Our mattress got very wet from all the things being thrown on top of it, my concern now is mildew. Thank you for the opportunity to win a safe mattress!
    (I apologize for the shaky video I am new at this)


    You don’t have a ending time for July 10th so I hope I am not to late!!

  63. David

    Dear Sweet Baby Jesus,

    The mattress contest is over and they haven’t posted a winner yet. Please Lord baby Jesus let that just mean that the little e-mail delivery people in my computer are just slow in getting the winning e-mail delivered to my inbox.

    Holy Christ please dull the nerve endings in my back and head until that winning e-mail gets to me. The pain is unbearable.

    Loving Father, I ask this in your name for my well-being’s sake.


    PS – I just sneezed God and the pain went from a 8 to a full-blown 10. Please little e-mail people, hurry your tails up! 🙂

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