2007 Toyota RiN 01
12th August 2013
Energy Conservation

A Look at the World’s First Organic Car

The world is going organic, with more and more being made according to healthy, organic standards. We’ve had organic clothes, organic food, organic baby products, and even organic beds for years, but now we’ve got a new addition to the ranks of the organic products: an organic car.

Japanese vehicle manufacturer Toyota released the concept for their new car – the Toyota RiN – almost 6 years ago, but so far the West has yet to see the car being launched. Perhaps it’s only for the Japanese market, at least until it can be manufactured at a low enough cost to be sold in the U.S. and Europe.toyota-rin-07

The car is a very odd shape, similar to the SCION xB, but with sliding van doors instead of regular car doors. The vehicle is designed with “friendly” head lights, meaning they won’t blind other vehicles and pedestrians on the road. With their “light distribution control” design, they will be much easier on the eyes of those the car comes in contact with.

The car’s interior is really what sets it apart from the rest of the vehicles on the road. The seats are designed for amazing support – orthopedic-level comfort indeed – and the oxygen level conditioner keeps the car’s cabin cool without pumping dust and coolant-laden air into your lungs. The pinpoint humidifier will keep the air free of moisture, ensuring the cabin is as fresh and comfortable as possible.2007_Toyota_RiN_01

The sliding door features a very low window, so it feels like you’re driving in a very secure golf cart – with an excellent view of the road and nature around you. Even the image displays are designed to reflect the driver’s psychological state, supposedly being able to help improve the mood of the driver. With the beige and rich green color scheme used for the interior, this car is all about peace and harmony – something that just can’t be found on the traffic-congested road today.

Is the car going to make its way to the West any time soon? Perhaps, though there is no official date for the release of the vehicle. Still, it’s good to know that at least one car manufacturer cares enough to make an organic vehicle!

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