26th October 2011

You Have Gotta Try These Yogurt Brownies!

browniesI love yogurt, and I also love brownies!

On the tin cover of my Astro Plain Low Fat Yogurt, there was this recipe for making Brownies!  I kid you not, there was a special Brownie Recipe that called for plain yogurt as one of the ingredients!

Here is the Brownie Recipe!  So moist, and low in fat: you can’t go wrong.

They aren’t too sweet and they are super simple to make!

If you love yogurt as much as I do, then knowing you can make moist brownies with yogurt is almost to good to be true.

Did you know in this particular recipe there isn’t any need for eggs or butter.

Here are some tips when you make this quick and easy recipe:

Make sure you have Parchment paper on hand, and follow the directions pretty closely.  I’m sure you could reduce your sugar used from 1/2 a cup to a 1/3 of a cup. Or, you could even replace the granulated sugar with some other sweetener.

When you have cooked the brownies for the period of time it recommends,”20-25 minutes”- take them out. My friend and I thought the brownies looked to moist and not quite cooked yet when our timer went off, we still took them out.  We were happy we did!

Another suggestion, my friend and I used dark chocolate with almonds.  The almonds were delightful to have in the brownie. You could choose any nut you liked…

We also melted the chocolate down in a pot that was on top of another pot full of boiling water. Be careful not to scald yourself. By melting the chocolate this way you won’t burn the chocolate in the melting process.

Now dig in and enjoy! These yogurt brownies are spot on!

Let me know what you think of this recipe and any tips you may have that I haven’t mentioned for the other brownie lovers who may be reading this blog too!  IF you have a brownie recipe or a favorite desert recipe, please post it, or a link to it!

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