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17th July 2013

Your Guide to Organic Exercise Clothing


Organic clothing is all the rage these days, when so many products floating around the market are sold at a markup simply because they have the “organic” label on them.

Exercise clothing is designed to keep you comfortable while working out, it wicks away sweat, and gives you a good range of motion. The problem is, most of the exercise clothing you can find is made with artificial fibers – such as Spandex, Lycra, acrylic or polyester – and those clothes can cause your body to overheat as you work out. Overheating will tire out your muscles, making you fizzle out before your workout is done.

Your solution? Organic, natural exercise clothing!

Cotton is your best bet for a short workout according to this guy, as it’s light, breezy, and very comfortable. The downside to cotton is that it will soak up a lot of sweat, so you’ll end up with a totally soaked shirt if you sweat a lot. Personally, i feel good all sweaty and stuff.

25% of the worlds pesticides are used on cotton crops and only 3% of  farmland grows cotton. Choosing organic makes a BIG difference.Zzw-Zan-Sp-112-Brown-Pants-Leggings-Womens-Designer


Hemp is a natural fiber most people expect to be rough and hard, but it’s actually quite soft. It’s more durable than cotton so it’s perfect for rougher sports.slider-1 (1)

Linen and Flax are both natural plant fibers, and they can be excellent for making organic exercise clothing. They are quick-drying, so you won’t have to worry about being soaking wet after a long workout.

Now, you do need to know that organic exercise clothing is going to be more expensive, and it won’t last as long as synthetic fibers. This means you’ll end up spending more on the natural clothing you wear, but it’s worth it to keep your skin healthy!

When you wash synthetic (plastic) clothing like Spandex, Lycra, acrylic or polyester, little bits (1900 to be exact’ish) of the fabric wash away into the water system.

By wearing organic brands like Greenapple Active (famous for bamboo clothing), PrAna (with a good range of clothing styles), and LVR (wonderfully soft, form-fitting clothing), you’ll keep your skin healthy and do your body a favor!

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