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28th April 2020

Your Immune System Needs Quality Sleep!

Our world has changed drastically in the past couple of months, with the COVID-19 situation our lives have been turned upside down and we are living under constant stress, even low-grade, that continues day in and out. This causes the body to produce too much cortisol, the stress hormone and over time, elevated cortisol lowers your resistance to fighting off infection and contributes to poor sleep and higher blood pressure. You can boost your immune system and protect your body from stress by getting quality sleep at night where the body truly rests and recovers from these daily stresses.

While your body is resting, the immune system cells can focus all efforts and energy on a strong attack against viruses and bacteria. Sleep also enhances the formation of memory antibodies to bacteria and viruses, to help build a stronger immune system for the future.

Numerous studies have reported the benefits of a good night’s sleep, and now researchers from Germany have found that sound sleep improves immune cells known as T cells. “T cells are a type of… immune cells that fight against intracellular pathogens, for example, virus-infected cells such as flu, HIV, herpes, and cancer cells,” Stoyan Dimitrov, PhD.

Quality Sleep is the Major Key for a Strong Immune System

Not all sleep is created equally. Essentia understands this and has created the world’s healthiest and most durable memory foam mattresses. Our mattresses awaken sleepers to how a truly restful night’s sleep can empower you to make the most of your days. As the world’s only natural memory foam company, our mattresses are free of harmful toxins, allergens, and off-gases found in synthetic mattresses – so that you can reap the full health benefits of sleep, without harming yourself or the environment.
“At Essentia, our products focus on prevention and empowering self-recovery. While having a discussion at the Hippocrates Health Institute, one of the comments made was that one of the key reasons that they have equipped every room with Essentia mattresses is that we create the optimal sleep environment like no other product, and sleep represents 40% of your immune effectiveness, it is logical to come to the conclusion that each hour of sleep on an Essentia mattress will be more effective to build your immune system.” Jack Dell’Accio, CEO & Founder, Essentia.

As the only Hippocrates Health Institute approved mattress, you will find Essentia on campus in all Hippocrates rooms. Here you can also hear Jack’s story and what makes Essentia the major key to true wellness:

“Good sleep must be a priority because there’s so much going on in our worlds, that unless you consciously decide you’re going to make enough time for sleep, it’s just not going to happen.” Eric Olson, MD, sleep medicine specialist at the Mayo Clinic.

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